The Station

The Station
Version: New Update By: changeling9780

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ATTENTION The Big update is here!!!
update fv1.02

Added blue eyes to the zombies
Added !!!Tranzit Lava!!!
Added Richtofen Announcer Quotes
Added 1 Easter egg song
Added Buyable ending
Added More Detail
Added Frosty’s Weapon Trading Table
Added Black Ops 2 Shader
Stability Improvements
Zombies Getting Stuck Fix
Glitch Spots Fix
mustang & sally added
AI Improvements ????
And More Fun!!!


map made by: changeling9780

designed: changeling9780

developed: changeling9780

Main Scripting: changeling9780

Modeling porting: changeling9780

sound porting: changeling9780

Alpha Testing: changeling9780 and exluto

Announcer Quotes Scripting: HitmanVere

Weapon Porting: theskyelord

bo2 styled perk jingles: wardog

ambient sound script: uptown

Scripting: jbird632

Scripting: Symbo

Scripting: NateSmithZombies

Frosty for Weapon Trading Table

Black Ops 2 Shaders: AGC NateSmithZombies fusorf HitmanVere Tom Crowley

map was made public on changeling9780’s (Birthday) April 3rd
Hi Gays it`s me Again changileg9780 this is my 4th map And
it has been recently updatad with update fv1.02.
it is my best map ever. This map took almost a year.

[The lore of the map]

the same event`s from black ops 2`s zombies storyline. my own story I add-on to This map.
The gas station is Located near green run in the country. farme`s can be seen in the distance.

The CDC was sent there to find out what happened when the bombs fell. The nuklear bombings were sent from the nazi moon base.
The CDC discovered the zombies.
The CDC held up in a decrepit gas station. waiting for Extraction. But it never came

in the future this map will continue to get updates
a list of updates and their names
|—-update fv1.03
|—update fv1.04
|–update fv1.05

gameplay video here:



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