WAW Console Commands

These for me are the most useful console commands.

To use these commands you must first enable the console in your waw settings at “OPTIONS &CONTROLS/GAME OPTIONS/ENABLE CONSOLE “yes””

Once enabled you can use the Tidle [`] key (Beside the Numeric ‘1’ and under the ‘Esc’ key) to enter the commands.

Console commands:

cg_fov (number between 1-160)cg_fov 90Changes FOV/Field of View. The higher the number, the more you can see.
map (map name)map nazi_zombie_cargoLaunch a map that doesn’t have a solo button.
/fast_restart/fast_restartAfter you die restart the map, without going back to the lobby.
bind (key) fast_restartbind f2 fast_restartUse a key to fast restart instead of having to type /fast_restart everytime.

r_fullscreen 0


 Type “r_fullscreen 0” then press enter then type “vid_restart”Allows you to play cod waw in Windowed Mode.  Useful if you want to access other windows while ingame.  Example watching an Easter Tutorial while still playing and without the game crashing.

r_fullscreen 1


Type “r_fullscreen 1” then press enter then type “vid_restart”Goes back to Full Screen Mode.  If you have applied the Windowed Mode these commands will reverse you to Full Screen Mode.
bind (key) cg_fov 90bind f3 cg_fov 90Use a key to change your field of view to 90, instead of having to enter cg_fov 90 everytime you play.
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