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Supplies exhausted, the last survivors on Neptune prepare to meet the rest of the crew.


As this is my first Zombies map, it’s totally possible things are broken. If you run into bugs or any performance issues, please call it out. Any and all feedback is welcome as this level is under active development. Difficulty tuning/weapon placement may change based on feedback. The full credits listing is pinned as a separate forum post due to sheer length. Also volumetric lighting is critical to the experience. I would highly recommend turning it on.


12 Perks
30 Skull Shootables (which increase Perk limit with every 5)
Unique Flooding Mechanic
Random Challenges (activated through corpses)
Full Main Easter Egg That Culminates In A Unique Boss Fight
Nova Crawlers and Parasite Enemies with Brutus and Napalm Zombies Included In Boss Fights
Primarily Modern Warfare Remaster Weapons
Blundergat, Ancient Bows and  Wonder Weapons
Fleshed Out Background Story (told through ingame notes and monitors)
Unique Inventory and End Grading System
Custom Powerups

If you would like to donate, it would be very much appreciated : Link[]

Enjoy your stay on Neptune!



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