We Don’t Go To Ravenholm…

We Don't Go To Ravenholm...
By: ConnorTPrower & epicplayer40

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“How came you here, brother? Did I not tell you to seek the church? Mend your ways, before it is too late!”

Update 1.13
– Added more fastfiles to prevent a crash when the map loads
Sorry if the updates are slow, I’m currently working on another map right now, hoping to add those custom player models. learning bit by bit 🙂

Thank you guys so much for the overwhelming support for this map! I’m really glad it has come out well and that you guys enjoy it, but I am not finished yet. Expect some updates coming soon to make the experience better!

This map is a port of a section of Ravenholm from Half Life 2. The map contains all the original geometry and textures with some details and other things to give the map a bit of a graphical upgrade, This map has been in the works for around a month now and I’m happy with how it turned out. I may release some updates to it, but I’m not sure so yeah.


– PLENTY OF PERKS – There are 10 perks to mess with! With an 8 perk limit.

– CUSTOM ZOMBIE MODELS AND SOUNDS – This map contains the headcrab zombie from half life 2, with their original sounds!

– PROPELLER TRAP- The propeller trap made by Father Grigori is fully functional in this map! Its a very dangerous but fun trap to use when the hordes get too much for you. prone under and watch em fly!

– BUYABLE ENDING – This map is beatable! Find the 5 Gnomes hidden around the map and shoot them to get to the exit within the pack a punch room!

– SONG EASTER EGG- Find all 3 teddy bears like you do in any other map and enjoy! (The song is Vortal Combat by Kelly Bailey from the HL2 Ep 2 Soundtrack. You will be safe playing this in Youtube videos as valve doesn’t mind the use of their songs)

-CUSTOM WEAPONS- Using custom weapons from MW3 and Black ops 1, you have some interesting firearms to use to fend of the hordes of headcrab zombies!

-FIRST EVER HALF LIFE THEMED CUSTOM MAP- This map (to my knowledge) is the FIRST EVER custom zombies map out there that is set in the Half Life Universe! (I may be VERY wrong about that, if so please link me to the map!)

-A FUN TO PLAY MAP- This map is fun to play, there are plenty of spots to camp and train, and the weapons and perks can make for a chaotic time
MASSIVE THANK YOU to Epicplayer40 for rigging the headcrab zombie models, helping me convert the map from source to BO3 and teaching me how to use crowbar to export models, textures and MANY other things. (go sub to his channel The One Epicplayer on youtube!)

ConnorTPrower(me) – For spending countless hours importing all the textures, models and sounds to the map, and programming the propeller trap. I definitely Deserve a pat on the back for that. importing everything and making sure it aligns with the original map to the best of my ability was DRAINING. But it was totally worth it 🙂

– NateSmithZombies (Buyable Ending)
– IceGrenade (Tutorials)
– TheSkyeLord (All the Custom Weapons)
– CraftDAnimations (Tutorials)
– GAM3VIDZ (Tutorials)
– WARDOGSK93 (Extra Perks)
– uptownpapi25 (tutorials)
– Valve for all the half life stuff!
– All my friends who gave me feedback. Appreciate it alot!
(If I have forgotten anyone I’ll add later on)

Thank you for Reading through!



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