Shi No Mori – Nacht der Untoten reborn

Shi No Mori - Nacht der Untoten reborn
By: ERAWEX Version: 2.0

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A cross between Nacht der Untoten, Shi No Numa and Mob of the Dead.

Shi No Mori is a complete recreation of the first zombies map released by Treyarch, with some slight alterations. 
You have access to the outside and have a room dedicated to the power switch.
With an array of perks from almost all treyarch games, custom weapons, songs and easter eggs, Shi No Mori enhances the experience of 
Nacht der Untoten to a whole new level. 

The Map plays well and should give you some nostalgia while also giving you a feeling of freshness. 

You can decide how you want to play the map. There are three main ways to play: 

– Classic: Play just like in the old days and do not open any additional space so only the classic Nacht der Untoten layout can be played.

– Embracing the additons: Open the entire map and enjoy an easier gameplay.

– OP Mode: Completing the easter eggs to gain access to the secret rooms and stock up on perks and weapons.

Creator of the map:


For the people asking: Yes, the map was created from scratch by me. I took a lot of screenshots from nacht to rebuild the entire map myself.

If you come across any issues, bugs or have any questions please send me a message or leave a comment.



Easter Eggs

I will be making a full easter egg video soon. But until then this should help


Shoot three skulls that are outside the map to open the secret secret room with perks, pap, the game ending, the Lab, and Staff room. This needs to be completed in order to start with the other easter eggs.

Skull locations for the secret room. View at your own risk if you want to spoil the hunt for them. FYI there are more then just this easter egg.


Step 1. Go to the lab and press the middle red button to start the EE. First you need to find the only five burning barrels around the map and shoot them in a specific order.  (you will hear sounds if you hit the right ones) This opens the door to the Staff room where you can pick them up.

Step 2. Go back down to the Lab and press the left button to start with the four staff challenges. 

First challenge: Burn the bodies around the plane area.                   

Second Challenge: Shoot the sparking lights and electricity pylons around the map with the Wunderwaffe (there a five of them).

Third Challenge: Shoot the leaking pipes (you can hear dripping sound when near to them and there are only three of them).

Fourth Challenge: Destroy the crashed Japanese Zero’s around the map with explosives (there are three and not to hard to see).

Step 3. You can now grab the staffs in the Staff room located by the first burning barrel you need to shoot. If you head back to the lab and press the last button you can recive another gift just bewere you will lose your gun.

Besides these, there are many other smaller easter eggs on the map you can look for and have fun with.

While doing the staff challenges you will be hearing sounds for completion so you know when your done aswell as the corresponding lights down in the lab.

Have fun!


Patch Notes

Added – Origins Staffs
Added – Blundergat/Acidgat
Added – Wave Gun
Added – Sliquifier
Added – Scavenger
Added – More playable space
Added – New easter eggs
Added – Loading screens and mission screen – The solo loading screen is in the mod folder and needs to be placed in the rootfolder manually
Added – More sounds, music and background music
Added – Two new power ups (Unlimited Ammo for 45 Sec and Blood money)
Added – Acidgat buildable kit
Added – Second boss zombie “Brutus” that appears from round 15 onwards
Added – The “Lab”
Added – A weapon trading table to trade weapons between players
Added – More detail to the map
Added – Challenges to recive the staff (Is within the bigger easter egg)
Added – More FX to the map
Added – Pack A Punch Camo for all weapons

Fixed – The G-Spawn error that came from Vulture Aid
Fixed – Issues where players would get stuck in certain areas
Fixed – Clipping on stairs
Fixed – Visual errors where you could see through the map
Fixed – The easter egg guns that you were not able to pack a punch
Fixed – Issues with 3d sound
Fixed – Weapon stats to rebalance them

Removed – M14
Removed – Skorpion
Removed – M16


– Zombies don’t grab you anymore
– Redone the napalm boss zombie – now the acutall model and effects of the one in Shangri-La
– Balenced nearly all weapons to be nice to play with
– Message added at the start to warn about the issue with quick restart and death-restart (Reload the game and mod to fix this issue)
– Perk limit set to 12
– Staffs are available in the mystery box if they are lost.

Known Issues

– If either of the boss zombies are killed befor they spawn in fully, (Achieved with the staffs charge shot) the boss zombies will not spawn in the map anymore since the game thinks they never died.

HarryBo21 – BO 1-3 Perks/Ray Gun MKII

Bluntstuffy – Mortar Strike

Tobin_g1213 – MW Weapons

Gympie6 – Help desk support

Gogeta – Blundergat/Acidgat

Shippuden1592 – Staffs, Brutus, Napalm, Sliquifier, Scavenger and others

Erwin T. – Testing and Scripting

Thank you to all here and the ugx help desk for your support. If you feel like you should be on here please send me a message!



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