Operation 40 – The Bar

Operation 40 - The Bar
By: Dzirre

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’61, Bay of Pigs… What happened?

We all got killed…

Welcome to my first creation – a reimagining of the setting from the classic BO1 mission: Operation 40.

The map itself is the starting room of a larger map I am working. But have decided to release the map to the public to show my interests in the project and to give some people a bit of fun ūüôā

-Custom weapons
-Musical EE
-Small/hard challenge map
-WW2 Zombies
-Custom round sounds
-Buyable ending
-Custom Wonderfizz by WARDOGSK93 – will be changed when I can source a better perk pack/wunderfizz!!
-6 perk limit

Please bare in mind this is my first creation and there WILL be many bugs/improvements to be made – feel free to leave some constructive criticism/feedback it is all appreciated cheers!

Please leave a rating and comment on your experience so I can get better!

Feel free to post your rounds/high scores and I’ll post them here!
Will post updates on Twitter and YouTube!



LegoUnlocked – Round 45
Saw11/Can you get a goat? – Round 42
Kunjora – Round 37
NoahAIM – Round 31
Jaunty – Round 28
PCS935 – Round 26 (DC)

Dzirre – Main mapping
HarryBO21 РHelp with scripting and my stupid ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ questions/ providing www.t7mods.com
Kingslayer Kyle РHelp scripting, WW2 Zombies/providing www.t7mods.com
Garrett – Alpha Omega Round sounds
Ray – Soundfixes
IceGrenade – Video TUTS
MadGaz – Video TUTS
JBird632 – Video TUTS
UptownPapi – Video TUTS & Musical EE Scripts
Vertasea – Buyable ending script
BO3 Mod tools Discord
T7Mods Discord
ZGC Discord
MadGaz Discord



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