Zombie Imminent

Zombie Imminent
Version: 1.0 By: Ping

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“Out of desperation, our 4 heroes decide to investigate the strange goings-on at the long abandoned ‘Stahlspitze’ facility to uncover the meaning behind this undead madness..”

It would be greatly appreciated if you would like to show your support by donating: https://streamlabs.com/ping998


Highscores (Round No):

1. Toyota Corolla (Round 55!!! CONGRATS!)
2. DarthZan & lifetime47 (Round 42!!!)
3. StirFriedRhyce & Thundergun333 (Round 34!)
4. Arias2K (Round 28!)
5. thetwostoogees (Round 27!)
6. ftXero (Round 25!)

Send me a screenshot/video of you beating the map and you might get on the highscores table! (NOTE: No cheats at all or be disqualified)

Main Objectives:

1. Turn on power
2. Activate all 3 rituals
3. Find 3 numbers scattered on clipboards around the map
4. Enter them into the combination
5. Buy the Ending

There are other easter eggs if you’re able to find them!




– ZC Ultimus Characters
– Custom Font and HUD
– White Zombie Eyes
– Buyable Ending
– Teddy Bear (Bonus Perk) Easter Egg
– Ritual EE System to Unlock PaP
– Combination EE to Unlock the Buyable Ending
– Buildable Shield
– All Standard Perks + Vulture-Aid and PHD Flopper
– Custom Perk (Salvage Shake – Restocks your stowed weapons’ ammo by 10% every few seconds)
– Wunderfizz
– Custom Ambient Audio
– Custom EE Sounds
– Custom Models from Treyarch maps such as Five, DE and more!
– Custom LUT
– Custom Zombie Audio (from Zombie Chronicles)
– 32 Custom Modern Warfare (2019) Weapons!
– WW2, AW and MWR Weapons!
– Galvaknuckles
– Scavenger
– BO4 Ray Gun
– Claymores
– Custom PaP Camo
– Bonus Points Powerup
– CODOL Dogs
– Continuous Spawning Dogs (Round 10 Onwards)
– Dog Health and Spawning Tweaks
– BO4 Powerup Icons and Custom Perk Icons
– BO4 Max Ammo
– Hitmarkers
– Animated Power Switch
– Nacht Round Sounds
– Custom Game-Over Music


Known Bugs:

NOTE: If you are going to let me know about a bug you’ve found please make sure you’ve read these first!

– Speed Cola room can be quite laggy (unknown reasons)
– Round end sound doesn’t play
– Placing a claymore by a machine or box makes the machine or box inaccessible from most angles



Design/Layout/Implementation – Ping998
Extra Models (Five, Der Eisendrache etc.) – Madgaz182

BO4 Ray Gun + Additional Assets – OffTheGrid
Galvaknuckles – Vasagle
Scavenger – steviewonder87
Claymores – JBird632
All other weapons (MW 2019, MWR and WW2 ports) – TheSkyeLord (BIG THANKS!!)
PaP Camo Background Texture ‘Rainbow Shard’ – SpiralGraphics (http://spiralgraphics.biz/index.htm)
PaP Camo Creation – Ping998

Perk Icons – ProRevenge (+ Ping998 for Salvage Shake icon)
Salvage Shake – Kaizokuroof
All other perks + functionality (including Wunderfizz) – Harry Bo21

BO4 Power-up Icons – robit
WaW/BO1 Samantha Announcer – TrueGamerCalls
Zombie Money Power-up – NateSmithZombies

White Zombie Eyes – Frost IceForge
CODOL Dog Models – steviewonder87 (BIG THANKS!)

ZC Player Models + Icons – ThomasCat
Nikolai model – Dick_Nixon
Origins HUD – RudySPG
Font – Forced Square (by DrawPerfect)

BO4 Max Ammo – ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Better Print Script – IceGrenade
Buyable Ending – natesmithzombies
Hitmarkers – natesmithzombies
Custom Minigun – tbone-5
Shield EE – Uptownpapi25
Round Sound Scripts – Collie
PaP EE (Rituals) – Symbo
Number Pad EE – Frost Iceforge
V7 Animated Power Switch – Vertasea
Power Lag Fix – HitmanVere
Teddy Bear EE – Abnormal202 (modified by Ping998)
LUT Tutorial – VerK0
Dog Health and Spawning Fixes – ConvictioNDR
Continuous Dog Spawning – Willijones1989, WECoyote99
Zombie Speed Change – natesmithzombies
Extra FX – Harry Bo21

Ambient Soundtrack – felix.blume (freesound website)
Ritual Scream – nick121087 (freesound website)
Ritual Whispers – taure (freesound website)
Ritual Completion – SpookGhost (freesound website)
Nacht Sounds – Wild
Zombie Chronicles Zombie Sounds – Wafflez
Game-Over Music – fusorf

Ping998, Al3ksandrOrlov, JusMax

I’m probably forgetting someone so please let me know if you think you should be in the credits! 🙂



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