SAS (SAS: Zombie Assault Remake)

SAS (SAS: Zombie Assault Remake)
By: CyriK

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This was my attempt to recreate the map (1:1 Scale) from the old flash game SAS: Zombie Assault. This  is my first map and I made it a while ago but I never got around to uploading it. There are no new features, just vanilla WaW zombies (Der Riese style (4 Perks, Power, Mystery Box, and PaP)) in a small/box map.

Also for fun, and that I always wanted a  leaderboard for custom maps, if you comment your highest round with proof, I’ll put the highest round achieved on this post. One for video proof and one for screenshots

Open console, and type (without quotations ofc) “map SAS”

Highest Round Achieved:
By video: 12 (cyrik)
By screenshot: 14 (ApexOne)



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