Flapix’s Studio Challenge

Flapix's Studio Challenge
By eMoX MaNgA

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Welcome to my NEW map !

This map was made for my friend streamer Flapix, he asked a One Window Challenge in his studio !


Version : 1.0 —CONTENT— -2 EE Shootable with reward -3 Challenges with reward -One Window Challenge -Survival mode with buyable ending -Gun Game & Gun Game PaP -Small area to survive -Flapix’s Studio reproduction -BO1 Weapons


—CRÉDITS— (If i forgot you in crédits, sorry and let me know !) : Mapping : eMoX MaNgA. Scripting/LUA : eMoX MaNgA (All map system, map scripts, gun game work), Clix (Some very helpful codes line), robit (BO4 Hitmarker), UGX (Base Timed Gameplay codes), Clix (Additional help and support), Makecents (Original Gun Game scripts), QuentinFTL (Menu/gun game scritps help). Weapons : eMoX MaNgA, Skyelord (BO1 Ports). Art : Flapix (Map artwork) – robit (Perk Icon BO4 Style). Testers: Flapix, Dexter, LeBelge, PxL. Tools : Treyarch (Mod tools) – Porter (Kronos, Wraith) – id-daemon (Wraith) – Scobalula (Hydrax and Greyhound). Misc : LeBelge1989 (F logo model generated with element 3D “After effect”)

Sorry for my English (im French), if you have bugs, suggestions or if you enjoy the map let me know in the comments section !



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