By:  Symbo & Karnage

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Our 4 soldiers find themselves trapped in a facility inside the crater of an active volcano. Will they escape or will this be the death of them?


The map features a unique boost system which allows players to boost in any direction while jumping by using 1 2 3 4 on keyboard or the D-pad on controller.

Also falling outside a landing pad makes you lose “falling strenght” while landing on them makes you gain some.

The loading screen includes general instructions for how to complete the map


Unfortunately the Boost system script is handled by the host meaning if you have bad ping there will be a delay when boosting, unfortunately there is no fix for this so consider only playing with people in your general region

The revive grenade are back too! But this time you wont get your perks back


Karnage: mapper
Symbo: scripter

Harrybo21 – jumppads, panzer, civil protector
Kingslayer Kyle – SOE hud
Dark7x – camo
Spiki – brutus
Scobalula – assets, players model
Rex – loading screen, thumbnail
Noahj456 – sponsor, NoahJ face asset

beta tester:

BlueShark & team

Any donations would be heavily appreciated and will be split 50/50
between us


If you enjoy the map consider to leave a like 😀



Viking Tower

Viking Tower
By: IceGrenade

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Welcome to the New Extension of the Viking Defence map, now with a crazy Tower to defeat!
Enjoy the latest challenge from IceGrenade, make sure you find the bloodied skull if you want a real challenge!
We made this map over the course of a few streams, it was a lot of fun to make, thank you all who have supported the development

More maps coming soon! Check what I am making at: https://icegrenade.co.uk/maps <3

Please @TheIceGrenade me on Twitter when you go live! I love to see your streams! Also might be dropping in tonight if you are live! Also post them in the comments section if you like

If you want to see more projects being made & played then Subscribe to my YouTube:

  • Lots of Bespoke Custom Code
  • Full 8 Player Mod Support: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2383464164
  • Shared Buyable Ending Purchase
  • Custom Perk Purchasable System
  • Custom Bear Dog AI
  • Perk Easter Egg
  • Custom Personalised Weapons
  • Buyable Ending
  • Custom Round Sounds
  • Custom Voice Sounds
  • Custom Music System
  • Custom Font
  • Custom Perks
  • Custom Hardcore Activator
  • BO4 Carpenter
  • BO4 Max Ammo
  • Increased Difficulty
  • Cold War Weapons
  • Ghost Weapons
  • Advanced Warfare Weapons
  • Infinite Warfare Weapons
  • Crazy Hit Sounds
  • Extra Perks No Limit


If you find bugs please report them and I will do my best to fix them asap.

More IceGrenade Maps


Hardcore Highscore Leaderboard
  • Current World Record Holder 00:51:42 duvalknight420
  • 2nd Place 01:05:18 Slim, !Zosma!Kiddara!E

Submit a link to a full video of your game, pictures are not enough proof. Fastest Time to buy the ending.


IceGrenade All Mapping, Voice Lines, Porting, All Scripting, Audio Editor, Easter Egg, FX, Graphics, Custom Zombie Models and more.
TheSkyeLord Weapons
Scobalula Tools
DTZxPorter Tools
The D3V Team (DTZxPorter, SE2Dev, Nukem) LUA
LogicalEdits Cold War Weapons
Natesmithzombies Powerups, Hitmarkers
ZeRoY Zombies
Ardivee Voxes
UGX Buyable Ending
If I missed you please let me know and I will add you right away!

Legendary Members & Beta Testers who Helped make this map possible!

Anto Gaming, Antone Robertson, Awesome Andy Gaming, Balthazar, Blazedragon, C T, CasualRG, CodeNameNANNA, CornrowWallace1, Cranium, D-Mech Designs, DannyCrewPlays, ElGamingChannel, Flapix, Gandalforce, GenerationRy, gtlad, IxRandomerZz, Josh Farrough, Keaton Turner-tower, KeplerTheAlien, Killerspace, Kristian Wells, Localbaby, LoF, Mandy Muncher, Mason Jones, Max Day, Michael Lewis, MrStich, MrUkGamer, NoahJ456, oClapz V2, Patch the-first, PresAviss, raizor dj, Robert Harrison, Rosko Brown, Rum_Ham_Jabroni, SalableBurrito2, sam2748, SCOOTIE, Scott Swanson, SFL Reaction, Smooshed Tomato, Spacedive 7, Steph andAlex, SuperEissa, TAG, Taspens, Terry Southall, TG_Country, TM298, TrekStarLogic, Trent, UnreadNovel, Voracious, VraaxyEdit, WebZombies, Wuk-E, Wunderzorro, Youtube_Man_100, zombiekilla39




By: Logical

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Four of the world’s best operatives link back up in a familiar place to learn the true origins of the Nova-6 Chemical and its true potential, but nothing is always as it seems.

28 Weapons from Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War ported over to make this an authentic Cold-War styled map.

3 Brand New Custom Perks, never before seen in any other map. Fighter’s Fizz, Tacti-Quilla Sangria and I.C.U.

The Sliquifier from “Die Rise” makes it’s glorious return alongside it’s big brother upgrade.

Craft the Tramplesteam to navigate into previous unobtainable areas and traverse Kowloon faster and higher than ever.

Created by Logical

robit – Black Ops Cold War HUD, Tramplesteam, Perk Icons, Weapon Sound Template
raptroes – Scripting help, Weapon Updates
dobby – Bossfight A.I., Bossfight Scripting, Scripting Help
gcp – Sliquifier and Upgraded Version
ZeRoY – Zipline, Help
ThomasCat – T9-T7 Conversion Rig, Weapon Porting
Symbo – Tramplesteam
Marksman147 – Tramplesteam
Xela – Custom Perk Models
VerK0 – Lighting Help, Scripting Help
rami – Lighting Help
MikeyRay – PhD Flopper
KhelMor – Vigor Rush
Sphynx – Shield, Custom Console Commands
HarryBo21 – Perks, Mystery Boxes and Pack a Punch Scripts
Scobalula – Tools
Activison & Subsidiaries – Assets & Games

garet – Round Sounds

Elena Siegman – Mystery (EE Song 1)
Lil Peep & XXX (Travis Barker Remix) – Falling Down (EE Song 2)

Special Thanks To:
kayak, noellie, booris the alcoholic, skalv, crighton’s crackers, and everyone who donated on my streams!

Please let me know if I am missing anyone from the credits list, thanks!

If anyone would like to donate, please do so HERE [www.paypal.com] I’d greatly appreciate it, but not necessary 🙂




By: VerK0

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How To:

Only few have ever seen the top.. Will you be amongst the few that witnesses what Mount Seela has to offer or will you be amongst the many that fail?
Created by VerK0.



Bug Reporting & Feedback
Official Leaderboard
Update Log


/hitmarkers <0/1>
Enables/Disables Hitmarkers.
/hitmarkers_sounds <0/1>
Enabled/Disables Hitmarker Sounds.
/devprints <0/1>
Enables/Disables developer prints for debugging.
Displays the current map version in the console.

Use commands in the console by hitting the ‘~’ key.



Harry Bo21, robit, clix, Logical Edits, MikeyRay & Spiki.
Spiki, TheSkyeLord & Activision IP.
Harry Bo21, Erthrock, Planet & Spiki.
Xela, Madgaz, Logical Edits & Planet.
DTZxPorter, Ardivee, Scobalula
Patrons & Testers:
Jules, BuggyGee, ChaosLunaticWolf, Chicken5nipe, Code22,
Connor, DannyCrew, DiFreak, Ian Donnelly, DraculaDavis69,
Greatbar, Harman, Itslenard, JackScavs, Jaystur, Johnathan,
Kermit, kexxie, Kingdomhops, Luigis_Mansion44, M6T,
Micality, MightyCaesar37, Monty, Qistina, Robby G, Ronny,
Ryne / ReapZ, Smugstr, SpecialBear7, star, Surge,
SylvesterTheCat, T1TAN5150, TaeHanazono10, TM298,
Unpunk, Wildes, xbomp, YaBoiMichael, YourPalSasquatch.




By robit & raptroes

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Steam Page:

How To:

Our heroes return to Diner in search of an ancient relic, but nothing is quite how they remember.

An early addition to the map’s feature list; Daybreak has been built around the Trample Steam. You can use it to access parts of the map you would otherwise not be able to, and get back to places you’ve already been.

A staple of Black Ops 4 zombies. The Wraith Fire grenade makes its debut in Black Ops 3 Custom Zombies. And it’s just as overpowered as ever.

Also making its debut, one of Black Ops 4’s most underrated Wonder Weapons; the Wunderwaffe DG-Scharfschütze. Headshots chain together a larger amount of zombies, so… aim for the head.

Refined over the course of the map’s creation, these Black Ops 4 weapons are some of the
most accurate ports to date.

The Victis crew return. Help them discover what awaits them in Daybreak!

Created by robit

raptroes – Main/ Side Quest Scripting, Wraith Fire, Nova Crawler Adjustments, MWR Models
GCPeinhardt – Ray Gun, Ray Gun Mark II, Tesla Sniper, Claymores, Power Lag Fix
Symbo – Trample Steam
Sphynx – Tranzit Shield, Console Commands
eMoX Manga – Victis Characters/ Vox, Black Ops 3 M16/ Peacekeeper Rig
HarryBo21 – FX Pack, Behavior Trees, Base Nova Crawlers
Marksman147 – Trample Steam Model, Hybs Diner Sign
TheSkyeLord – Black Ops 4 Weapons: Animations/ Models
ninjamanny829 – Black Ops 4 Welling Animations
Killer Potato – Wraith Fire Animation Re-rig
Clix, robit – Black Ops 4 Hitmarkers
Madgaz – Black Ops 3 Model Packs
booris – Black Ops 4 Models
Vertasea – Mystery Box Prefabs, Power Script, General Help
SlayinZM – Zombie Chronicles Zombie Sounds
Frost Iceforge – Zombie Eye FX
ZeRoY – Black Ops 4 Powerup Icons
Ardivee – Director Mod

The D3V Team (DTZxPorter, SE2Dev, Nukem) – L3akMod
JariK – Black Ops 1, World War 2 HUD for Reference
QuentinFTL – LUA Help
lilrifa – LUA Help

Scobalula – Ambient Rooms, Cerberus, CoDDataDumper, CoDImageUtil, Greyhound, Harmony, Husky, HydraX, SEModelViewer, T8ZoneRipper
Planet – SEAnimScanner
DTZxPorter – ExportX
ZeRoY – DuplicatorX
ApexModder – GDT Generator UI, T8 Barriers
Treyarch/ Infinity Ward/ Raven Software/ Sledgehammer Games/ High Moon Studios – Call of Duty
Modme / T7Mods / Mod Tools Discord – Community

Special thanks to
Kayak, Swek, Skalv, Crighton, Logical, Hybs, VerK0, Xela, Deets, ImaOddCow, mc.error, Dobby, Jules, Garrett, Tmk Boi, Jackk_rl, Ronny



Der Riese Declassified

Der Riese Declassified
By TZ Ghosts, Ducky, Eric Maynard, Lucas & FonkeyMunkey

Direct Download:

Steam Page:

How To:

“The Giant has risen. Face the might of the Nazi Zombies one last time, in their heartland. This is where it all began. This is where his master plan took shape. Is this where it all ends? Return to Der Riese for the final time to discover the secrets still left to uncover.”

Experience Der Riese like never before: Reimagined from the ground up for modern day scale and presentation, whilst preserving the map?s decade long legacy. With a new quest, new audio design, and lore that fits in the canon but expands what you know about Der Riese; Declassified is sure to be an awesome experience for anyone who enjoys the original, and even those who don?t or have never played it!

(Ensure all audio channels (Music, Voices, FX, etc) are turned up and level before playing the map to ensure the optimal experience. No worries streamers! No copyrighted music included.)

-Full Scale Lore Friendly Main Quest/Easter Egg
-Fully Rebalanced and Reimplemented WWII-era Weapons
-Lore Friendly Side Easter Eggs
-New Wonder Weapon
-New Lore Friendly Radios/Recordings
-New BO4 Style Expansive Dialogue System
-Full Map Dynamic Soundtrack created from non copyrighted COD Music

TZ Ghosts – Mapping/Project Lead
Eric Maynard – Narrative Lead/Main Quest Design
Connor Sivley – Scripting/Making the Thing Do the Thing
Lucas Vice – FX/Art Work/Design
Ducky – Additional Scripting
Caljitsu – Lore Consultation
HitmanVere – HUD and LUA Work/Bouncing Betties/Constantly Fixing Stuff
Treyarch – Zombies. Mod Tools. Our Inspiration. This is a love letter to you.

Additional Credits:
lilrifa, JariK – Lua Assistance
Killer Potato – WW2 Stielhand Grenades
TheSkyeLord – Base of Weapon Ports
Scobalula – Game Asset Extraction Tools
DTZxPorter – Wraith and Kronos
Vertasea – Base Teleporter Scripts
FrostIceforge – BO2 death hands
The Black Death – Riley Sound Template
Symbo – Samantha Easter Egg Base
JoshWooCool – BO4 Quote Files
Ronan_M – Perk Shaders
Harry Bo21 – Rumbles, Physics, FX Pack
ConvictioNDR – Dog round buff/fix
GCPeinhardt – Power Switch Script
Wafflez – Zombies Chronicles Sound Pack
Ardivee – Dolly Cam Mod Used in Trailers
Azsry – Helped with Kronos, Tutorials
JBird632 – Anti-Cheat and Cinematic Mod Menu
Canadian Marshmallow – Tester and Flamethrower stats
Andy Ennis, Greer, Chromastone10, BenchAppearo, Flame150, Weber – Q/A and Testing



The Winchester (Halloween)

The Winchester Halloween
By Deadshot.mp4

Direct Download:

Steam Page:

How To:

Shaun of the Dead comes to zombies with this fanmade version of the iconic bar, the Winchester!


This map IS NOT optimized to use other mods on, so use at your own risk. (May also not allow you to use some guns if you load a gun mod, which would stink)

Description :

This was made just for fun, through support from the instagram community (and TONS of help from the mod tools discord!) My instagram is Deadshot.mp4, and it was a blast to build this map. The bathroom part is based on the bathroom scene in “World’s End”, and the packed version of The Winchester is a reference to “Hot Fuzz” (both parts of the Cornetto trilogy)

This is the updated version of the winchester, with more weapons and lighting differences. More updated and recommended over the OUTDATED version!


Includes :

Custom wonderweapon “The Winchester”. Infinite damage shotgun requiring great accuracy to get kills! [and the waffe.. try packing the Kar98 😉 ]

Speed Cola, DoubleTap 2.0, Deadshot, Quick Revive, PhD Flopper, Vulture’s Aid, Jugg, and MuleKick.

No Dog or special rounds

No perk limit

Kill the Queen! Song Easter Egg (shoot all 3 Cornetto trilogy posters [uses song “Don’t Stop Me Now” – Queen.] I don’t own rights to that. Same for “You’re my Best Friend” [Game over song])

Some other cool stuff I probably forgot to mention!

P.S I hope you enjoy the map! This is my first custom map, so forgive for some lack of detail or not super polished edges. I was just having fun with it. Forever have I wanted a map based on the Winchester from Shaun of the Dead, and I’m surprised it hasn’t been made.. till now!


Q : Can you add more perks (widows)?

Ans : No, Widows in my eyes trains the player to be worse, plus I just don’t enjoy the perk. The perks I added to this map are specific to the flow and I felt went well with the style of the map

Q : Can you add more custom weapons?

Ans : Maybe, I add what I feel would complement the map well. I’m not a fan of adding weapons just to add them, I like to have a reason for it

Q : Can you fix the PPSH audio?

Ans : No, it is out of my control / would risk the map’s files to fix. I’d remove it, but I know many people love that gun. So we are all gunna have to live with that

Q : Can you make the map available in more than english?

Ans : I’d love to, but at the moment I’m unable to. I’ve tried earlier but I get errors, with converting languages causing issues. If I find a fail-proof way of doing it, I will.

Photos are inspired/taken from “Shaun of the Dead”. I don’t own that movie but I really like it.

Special thanks to Uptownpapi25 and Icegrenade for their amazing tutorials! Without them I’d be completely clueless on everything I’ve been doing.

– Credit to uptownpapi25 and mattarra for script and tutorial for the music easter egg

– Uses “The Winchester (Model 1887)” and Kar98k from Skye’s weapon ports (very good stuff over there)

Link : https://forum.modme.co/threads/skyes-weapon-ports-to-bo3-master-hub.2565/

– Uses WARDOGSK98 & xSanchez78’s Perks (PhD, Who’s Who [Not used], Tombstone [Not used], and Vulture’s Aid)

Link : http://aviacreations.com/modme/index.php?view=topic&tid=648

– Uses Planet’s Bo4 Victis Crew

Link : https://www.t7mods.com/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=20

– Used https://www.online-convert.com/result/33667a38-ef8f-4917-b0c8-78372cb6b5d4 to convert custom photos

– I made the load/preview screen. Uses photos from “Shaun of the Dead” (Wouldn’t have guessed huh?)

– Custom Round end/start sounds made by https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuAzQ3aoMgaHU5Ase2OJvsA A big thank you for your work!

10/27/2020 Update 1.5 :

– Mini Halloween update for all ya’ll! Some more guns and a much better look for the map with better colors and lighting!

– I added like a lot more guns I won’t be able to list them all here but you’ll see them trust me

– Changed pap camo as I felt plain gold was quite boring, this one is way more colorful!

– Changed skybox to be less depressing, felt the original emphasized too much on grays, while this one has more blacks and blues in it.

– Changed some door prices and wallbuys to spice up the experience more!

– Added some photos that I felt could set a more upbeat mood

– Added some more lights and probes where lighting seemed a bit off

9/20/2020 Update 1.4 :

– Added mini-perk easter egg (collect 3 ingredients and brew them!) Has the possibility of giving :

– All perks on map, and :

– Widows Wine

– Electric Cherry

– Tombstone

– Who’s who

– Stamin-Up

So use at your own risk!

Credit to Idogftw for the script and all, thanks!

9/15/2020 Update 1.3 :

– Overhauled custom guns (Added 8). Most in the box

– New round music by https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuAzQ3aoMgaHU5Ase2OJvsA !

– Custom Weapons list :

All custom weapons by Skye’s ports. Can’t thank them enough for their amazing work!

9/14/2020 Update 1.2 :

– Fixed buidable table being able to be ‘jumped onto’

– Fixed Bowie Knife not being buyable

– Added bananas

9/14/2020 Update 1.1 :

I heard you guys, added buyable ending under the bar! (50k)

– Removed a spawn in bathrooms, wanted to make it a more viable area

– Made Bowie Knife door cheaper

– Switched DoubleTap and Quick Revive locations.. shoulda always had it that way

– Nerfed bo5 brew edition. it was just too damn powerful

– Fixed a rocket shield piece that just wasn’t doing what it should be doing

– Made the Winchester 10k (from 7.5k). Why? I think it’s powerful and needs a few more points for that power

– Probably a few other things but I forgot so.. cool!


Special thanks to the instagram zombies community, we are underrated, but the best!

I’ve seen some people have an issue with gun sounds (besides PPSH..) if this happens to you DM me please, trying to figure out what may be causing that.. enjoy the map guys!



Operation Harbourage

Operation Harbourage
By Madgazgaming

Direct Download:

Steam Page:

How To:

After the Loucher facility fell, Group 935 infiltrated the smaller of Division 9’s island facility to manipulate and take claim of their creations
Will our four Plucky heroes survive another adventure at the helm of Group 935 , or will they be trapped forever in this Nightmare


Kingslayer Kyle


Madgaz (Mapping, Shi No Numa zombies)
Kingslayer Kyle (Scripting, Main EE, Custom HUD, Weapon pack, Boss fight, Thrashers, PAP)
DTZxPorter(Wraith, L3AKMOD)
Scobalula (Greyhound, HydraX, Ambient rooms)
Harry Bo21 (Spider boss script support, Spider AI, Traps)
Planet (Bunker door power script, Wunderfizz 2.0)
Zeroy (Bunker door setup)
LGRZ (Zipline, Challenges)
Challenges (Mystic, JariK, Midget Blaster)
eMoX MaNgA (Floor Spikes)
Ronan M (Perk Shaders)
Redspace (Jump Pad)
Symbo (Traps, Intro Camera help)
Mike Pence (Rain, Lightning System)
Glitch (Loading screen artwork)
Sphynx (Craftables)
Keagan Kelsey (Radio Audio)
TURBO (EE audio dialogue, Powerup audio)
Vertasea (Rain setup, audio structs)
Divine Fury (Wunderfizz 2.0 model, Fuse machine model )
Stevie Wonder 87 (Wonder weapon, Fx, Script)


Nexus BR
Dan WJ


MADGAZ – Madgaz | PayPal[www.paypal.me]
KINGSLAYER KYLE – Kingslayer Kyle | PayPal[www.paypal.me]

If we missed any credits please contact us and we’ll get them added, apologies in advance for any we might’ve missed



Cheese Cube V5

Cheese Cube V5
By IceGrenade

Direct Download:

Steam Page:

How To:


Welcome to Cheese Cube V5 The Definition of Insanity. Good Luck. Nothing to say really. Lots of Evil in this one download, not sure you should really open pandora’s box as you cannot close it. Only play this if you are ready for full on madness! Enjoy! 🙂

Next Project

You can find all my projects at https://icegrenade.co.uk/maps it shows upcoming release dates and project details. The next project that I am working on is Shrek!

Please @ me on Twitter

@TheIceGrenade to share all your attempts! Please also let me know when you are streaming, it is great to watch others enjoy my work 🙂

Hardcore Mode

– Less points per shootable
– Perk Limit Set Lower
– Deathmachine Replaces with Limited Ammo Magnum
– zombie_health_increased, spawning faster zombie movement increased, max zombies set, 2 hit system (4 with jugg), Less points per kill

If you want to see more projects being made & played then Subscribe to my YouTube:

  • A LOT of Lines of Bespoke Custom Code
  • Custom Shootable with Perkaholic Reward
  • Custom Personalised Weapons
  • Buyable Ending
  • Custom Round Sounds
  • Custom Music System
  • Custom Font
  • Custom Perks
  • Custom Easy Mode Activator
  • Custom Hardcore Mode Activator
  • BO4 Carpenter
  • BO4 Max Ammo
  • Increased Difficulty
  • Ghost Weapons
  • Advanced Warfare Weapons
  • Infinite Warfare Weapons
  • Crazy Hit Sounds
  • Extra Perks No Limit
  • Power on from start


If you find bugs please report them and I will do my best to fix them asap.


Leaderboard – Solo HARDCORE
  • No Records


Leaderboard – Coop HARDCORE
  • No Records


Leaderboard – Solo
  • No Records


Leaderboard – Coop
  • No Records

(To submit a Record; you must link a full length video of your gameplay, preferably YouTube Link)


TheSkyeLord: All Weapons! Literally this Guy is a Legend!
IceGrenade: All Mapping, Voice Lines, Porting, All Scripting, Audio Editor, Easter Egg, FX, Graphics, Custom Zombie Models and more
Natesmithzombies: Powerups, Hitmarkers
PshZombies: Fast zombie anims
ZeRoY & Ardivee: Difficulty Setting & Voxes & Scripting Support
UGX: Buyable Ending
If I missed you please let me know and I will add you right away!

Legendary Members who Helped make this map possible!

Becoming a member really helps my channel and as a Thank you I am giving all members early access to my projects icegrenade.co.uk/maps
AcJames, Adam Allulu, Anto Gaming, Antone Robertson, Awesome Andy Gaming, Balthazar, Bimodaljoker 17, Blazedragon, BraZy_TKE, C2W II OWN YA, ChaosWolf96, Chunkdogg9, CodeNameNANNA, CodeNameNANNA., CornrowWallace1, Cranium, cristybiakke 98, Cyborgbaron, DannyCrewPlays, DDragonSSlayer, Dertii, Dexter Gaming, Dubbd OuT, Eight Coats, ElGamingChannel, Ervic, Flapix, gabyto51, GirlSquadGamers, gtlad, Hk Felix, hunter QF, JC GWE, John Carosella, JuggerV2, K Gaming – Live, king _rawgaming, KuJ Zombies, LeBelge 1989, llStevell, Localbaby, Lucha LIVE, MangledInsanity, Max Day, Michael Lewis, More Mellow, Mournfulpanther, NoahJ456, Nosif 28, Not_Blaze, Notix, OCB MICKEY, Octal graph, Octane, Patch the-first, PCS935, Poind3xt3r Slayz, PresAviss -, quinncodes, Rip XXXTENTACION, Robert Harrison, Rosko Brown, Rowen Micallef, Ryan Costolnick, Ryan Silvestri, SCOOTIE, Scott Swanson, SFL Reaction, SlingWolf, SonAdamsMC, Spuddley, SyGnUs, TAG, Taspens, TM298, ToxicLeo, UndeadMermaid86, UnreadNovel, ViciousSymbiote, WaffleDew, Web design, Woah Gotti, Wunderzorro, XpertBandit, xX Dean G13 Xx, Youtube_Man_100, zombiekilla39, ZuckleyPlays



Flapix’s Studio Challenge

Flapix's Studio Challenge
By eMoX MaNgA

Direct Download:

Steam Page:

How To:

Welcome to my NEW map !

This map was made for my friend streamer Flapix, he asked a One Window Challenge in his studio !


Version : 1.0 —CONTENT— -2 EE Shootable with reward -3 Challenges with reward -One Window Challenge -Survival mode with buyable ending -Gun Game & Gun Game PaP -Small area to survive -Flapix’s Studio reproduction -BO1 Weapons


—CRÉDITS— (If i forgot you in crédits, sorry and let me know !) : Mapping : eMoX MaNgA. Scripting/LUA : eMoX MaNgA (All map system, map scripts, gun game work), Clix (Some very helpful codes line), robit (BO4 Hitmarker), UGX (Base Timed Gameplay codes), Clix (Additional help and support), Makecents (Original Gun Game scripts), QuentinFTL (Menu/gun game scritps help). Weapons : eMoX MaNgA, Skyelord (BO1 Ports). Art : Flapix (Map artwork) – robit (Perk Icon BO4 Style). Testers: Flapix, Dexter, LeBelge, PxL. Tools : Treyarch (Mod tools) – Porter (Kronos, Wraith) – id-daemon (Wraith) – Scobalula (Hydrax and Greyhound). Misc : LeBelge1989 (F logo model generated with element 3D “After effect”)

Sorry for my English (im French), if you have bugs, suggestions or if you enjoy the map let me know in the comments section !



Dark mode powered by Night Eye