Project Elemental Rework

Project Elemental Rework
By: Polystyreeni

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“A 115 experiment facility deep in the Vietnam jungle. The origin of Project Elemental.
This is where the NVA developed it’s super weapons. This is where it got out of hand.
And it seems Richtofen knows a bit too much about this facility and it’s only alive inhabitant…”

Nearly 4 years of mod tools learning compressed to a single map, started way back when the tools were released.
If this map sounds familiar, it’s because it was released a year ago as a “Public Beta”. This is the final, heavily improved version.


– A full quest with a story, character interaction, multiple boss fights and in-game cutscenes
– 4 Custom elemental wonder weapons, with upgraded variants
– Afterlife / SOE Beast mode style system
– Origins style generators
– Weapons ranging from WaW to BOCW, mostly from Ghosts and MWR
– Multiple Game modes including: Classic, Gun Game and Scavenger (One more game mode will be added post-launch)
– So much more custom content, from custom perk and traps to equipment


Normal: Pretty much your average modern Treyarch zombies map. Complete the quest to win.
Classic: Back to the days when zombies was about surviving. Ultimate wonder weapons are easily obtainable. No afterlife, no quest. Activate power, pack a punch some weapons slay some zombies!
Gungame: Pretty much what you’d expect. First one to go through all weapons wins.
Scavenger: No mystery box, no wall weapons. Those pesky zombags have all your weapons. Better get them back soon.
Boss Battles: Don’t bother going through a lengthy quest, but want an epic finale for your match? This mode is for You!


If you’re missing from this list, let me know
– DTZxPorter: Tools like Wraith, Kronos, and Wraith Revenant, L3akMod for Lua
– Scobalula: Tools like Greyhound, Cerberus, HydraX, Dual Render scopes and other useful tuts (Big thanks to all your work)
– Collie: Conversion Rig and Maya shelf
– SE2Dev: SETools, Lua
– Ray1235: Maya Tools
– Nukem: Lua
– HarryBO21: A lot of Script Help, perks, traps, tutorials
– BluntStuffy: A lot of script help since WaW days
– NateSmithZombies: Script Help
– Abnormal202: Script Help
– MakeCents: Script Help
– Jon Ford: Radiant Help
– JBird632: Radiant and script help
– Matarra: Script Help
– DuaLVII: Script Help
– Erthrock: Character and Shangri-La zombie models
– Spiki: Script help
– DrLilRobot: Script Help
– Ducky: Random Starting weapon script
– Ardivee: Mud script, tutorials, Der Eisendrache vox
– Symbo: Script Help, Point share script, traps
– Redspace200: Script Help
– Verk0: Radiant Help (especially with lighting)
– TheSkyeLord: WW2, MWR, MW 2019 and MW3 weapons
– Idogftw: Provided me with afterlife models & anims
– Jr Rizzo: Shadowman vox
– Blak: Weapon sound template, reticles
– Thomas Cat: Maya Help
– Cornrow Wallace: Useful streams, Radiant Help
– GCPeinhardt: ZC Character voices
– Wafflez: ZC sounds
– MikeyRay: Sound fixes, being the random helper on Discord 🙂
– HitmanVere: I don’t know why he’s here???
– Zeroy: Wiki tutorials, thunder effects
– MadKixs: HD Flopper & Deadshot shaders
– DamianoTBM: T9 Minigun
– Planet: T8 Perk Bottles
– LGRZ: Script help
– Mick Gordon: Boss fight music
– Beast in Black: EE song

Treyarch, Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer, Raven and Activision for everything CoD related
ID Software and Bethesda, for anything DOOM related


– Sphynx
– Zeus KrAZy
– Har_DarkTerror
– Garrett
– Mr. Something
– NonSpecific
– ihmiskeho
– MdMaxx


– Other than the Easter egg song, all music is from the Black Ops series and DOOM. Use at your own risk, if you’re making a video!
– Not tested with any mods! They are allowed on the map, but no support will be provided to make the map compatible.
– I will try my best to fix any issues, whenever life isn’t punishing me too hard…
– The first (second now I guess?) and last BO3 related project from me, so hope you enjoy!



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