Zombies Cache…. But it’s NIGHT

Zombies Cache.... But it's Night
By: ImBulletm9

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The original “Zombies Cache” was set during the night time. Due to some feedback from close friends I made it day time. So here’s the *current as of uploading this* non published version of “Zombies Cache” but it’s night time instead. This probably *WON’T* be updated at all. Just really wanted to see how cache would work at night. Yes, im aware that the fires are VERY bright…. I already have to go back into the day version to make some of the lights brighter since they blinded the map at night!

Enjoy and thanks for playing!

Here’s “Zombies Cache” daytime link, this one will continue to receive updates and such!

FMPONE, Volcano and penE – Making Cache
CraftDAnimations – Scripts and Tutorials
SKYE – Ported Weapons
JBird632 – Scripts and Tutorials
Sharpgamers4you – Scripting the Buildable PaP door.
Vertasea – Creating the Buyable Ending
ZoekMeMaar – Fire Trap Script
Pepergogo & Math f a g – Modern Max Ammo script
Vertasea – Hit marker script
MADGAZ – Modded Perks
Khel Mho – Models
IceGrenade – Tutorials on shaders etc
NSZ – Modded powerups
EricMaynard – Black Ops cold war perks
Treyarch/Activision – Mod Tools, assets and what have you.



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