Luck of the Irish 2

Luck of the Irish 2
By: 5C08

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NOTE: This is a small map made in a few days for St Patricks day, it’s nothing major, just a simple project, so please do not come in expecting a gigantic release! It’s just a simple survival map that you can sit back and relax on, best played with mods mentioned below!


The map deliberately does not have custom weapons because of time constraints and I want to ensure compatibility for mods on the workshop, I highly recommend the following mods for this:

NOTE: To make use of a mod, simply subscribe to any of them below and select them in the “Mods” main menu of Black Ops 3 before starting the map! Yes there are people who have asked how to launch and download mods..


If you just want weapons and some other small stuff I recommend Psh’s mods:




  • raptroes – Wishing Well, Chickens, Assistance
  • KillerMotato – Coin Toss Animation Fixing
  • DTZxPorter – Tools
  • TheBlackDeath – Player Models
  • Infinity Ward/Sledgehammer/Treyarch – Assets

If I missed you hit me up bb <3



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