Calumpit Chaos

Calumpit Chaos
By: ConvictioNDR

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Calumpit Chaos

A town square in the Phillipines, abandoned by the Japanese before the US troops arrived in WWII. No one knows why they abandoned it. Civillians returned for a short while before abandoning the town as well. There are rumors of monsters in the town, but that’s just rumors…
Your squad is tasked with finding out why the locals refuse to reinhabit the overgrown area.

  • Complete arsenal of weapons from various Call of Duty games. Most weapons can be inspected by holding the use button. Default is F on keyboard. Square or X on controllers.
  • Gun Game. Kill zombies to advance weapons. First one through all 49 guns wins Gun Game.
  • Sharpshooter. Every 1:15 players are given a random weapon. Survive as long as you can or want to.
  • One in the Chamber. Players are given a random weapon with 1 bullet in the chamber. Each kill a player gets gives 1 more bullet in the magazine. Survive as long as you can.
  • The Onslaught. Nonstop zombie slaying action for as long as you survive. Only for the bravest of zombie slayers. Players are given a random upgraded weapon, monkey bombs, all perks and are sent to Round 30. Only this Round 30 is much tougher…
  • Game modes must be selected by Round 3. Choose no mode for Standard Survival. Easter Egg is disabled in these game modes.
  • Hard Mode. Will work in any mode. Does not disable Easter Egg.
  • Challenge and reward system to unlock game ending.
  • Guarden Gnomes. Find the 3 hidden Gnomes to unlock.
  • Easter Egg to unlock Pack a Punch. Hint: 
  • Ammo Caches. Buy ammo for any weapon allowing you to keep your favorite weapon from the box.
  • Max ammo refills magazine.
  • Music easter egg that can be triggered multiple times. Chooses a song at random from 9 songs in the Call of Duty Zombies soundtrack. None of the included songs will create a copyright claim on YouTube currently.
  • Original soundtrack from Medal of Honor: Rising Sun is featured in the map. None of the music featured in the map currently causes a copyright claim on YouTube. All music in the map can be turned off by turning your music volume down in your settings.
  • Other hidden easter eggs. Keep your eyes open. There are rumors of Yamashita’s gold hidden here…

  • Killer Potato – Weapons.
  • ZCTxCHAOSx – Various help, beta testing.
  • lilrobot – Inspectable weapons script.
  • DTZxPorter – Wraith.
  • Scobalula – Greyhound, Hydrax, Marines.
  • DamianoTBM – Weapon Sounds and MW2 Assets help.
  • TheBlackDeath – SKS sounds.
  • raptroes and UltraZombieDino – Weapons Help and Feedback.
  • Blak – Riley Sound Template.
  • xSanchez78 – Conversion Rigs.
  • JBird632 – Music EE script.
  • Zeroy – Animation help, various help, beta testing.
  • .mindmirror? – Japanese zombies, beta testing.
  • TheSkyeLord – Reticle Settings and weapons.
  • Infinity Ward/Treyarch/Sledgehammer Games/Raven – Original Game Assets.
  • still_rampant – Beta testing.
  • Madgaz – Zetsubo Model Pack
  • Rudy – Japanese Hud.
  • Vertasea – Hitmarkers.
  • Darrell Flood – Japanese font.
  • Christopher Lennertz and The Hollywood Studio Symphony – Medal of Honor: Rising Sun Soundtrack
  • EA Los Angeles aka Danger Close Games – Original Map Design

Found a bug or a crash?

As of July 2021 I no longer have the mod tools installed and will not be able to update the map anymore. I’ve decided to retire from modding. Thanks for playing over the past 9 years.


This is a remake of the Multiplayer map “Calumpit Chaos” from the game Medal of Honor: Rising Sun. I have no interest in making it into a multiplayer map for Black Ops 3. If there is anyone out there in the multiplayer community who would like to turn it into a multiplayer map the map source can be downloaded here:



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