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A Broken Arrow Facility containing a number station that transmits cryptic messages to all fellow facilities, agents and spies. Primis arrives to uncover the final message’s meaning and the untold story of this lost site.


– BO4 Weapons
– BO4 Ray Gun Z-2, E-2, M-2, Y-2
– BO4 Ray Gun Mark ll
– BO4 Stylized Perk Icons
– BO4 Stylized Powerup Icons
– BO4 Hitmarkers
– BO3 DLC Weapons
– Music Easter Egg (Alpha Omega: Frequency)
– Avogadro mini-boss
– Custom Pack-a-Punch Camo
– Shootable Mannequin Easter Egg

Author’s Note:

I got the chance to revamp Frequency after rediscovering the map file on my PC. I have improved all of the xmodel materials, fixed most of the issues, and altered the weapon balancing for all of the weapons to perform more like BO1 and BO2. Also, I personally believed that improvements were needed in the visual quality and fidelity of the map, so I have altered the bake quality, the shadow detail, added volumetric lighting, etc. Lastly, I’m happy to announce that I got the opportunity to work with a scripter to add a small EE in the map.


Zombie115201 – Level Design / Exporting BO4 Xmodels / Weapon Adjustments


Ultra – Mannequin Easter Egg Scripting
The Black Death – HUD Reticle Pack
VerK0 – PBR textures / ReLUTs / Lighting Tutorials
Scobalula – Greyhound
robit – BO4 Perk Shaders / Powerup Shaders / Hitmarkers
Clix – BO4 Hitmarkers
D3V Team – L3akMod
TheSkyeLord – Modified BO4 Weapon Ports
Kingslayer Kyle – Modified BO3 DLC Weapons / GK Timer
Steviewonder87 – BO4 Ray Gun Mark ll Port
JBird632 – Tutorials / Music Easter Egg Script / Traverals
Dick_Nixon – Avogadro mini-boss
Zeroy – WW2 Xmodel Packs
Erthrock – Moon Zombie Models / Tutorials
OffTheGrid – Modified BO4 Ray Gun
Treyarch – Thank you for all your amazing games and for giving us modders to release custom maps and mods to BO3
Activision – For publishing TreyarchInfinity Ward, and Sledgehammer games
Brian Tuey – Frequency – BO4 Alpha Omega OST
Icegrenade – Custom Perk and Powerup Icons / Tutorials
Uptownpapi25 – Tutorials
Program115 – Tutorials
UGO aka Wakka – Tutorials
Madgaz – Tutorials
Garrett – AO Round Change Sounds
Pepergogo – Modified BO4 announcer
♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ – BO4 Max Ammo Script
Wafflez – Zombie Chronicles Sound Pack
ConvictioNDR – Disabled Zombie Collision with other Zombies Script
GCPeinhardt – Wonder Weapon FXs
Planet – BO4 Stylized Perk Bottles
Humphrey – Broken Arrow Perk Bottle Glass

Patch Notes:

– Added RPK-74, AKS-74U, MSMC, AN-94, China Lake, and MP40
– Added Weapon Inspect for Most BO4 Weapons
– Added a Timer
– Added Spare Change under Perks
– Added More Traverals for Zombies
– Changed Mantling Anims for Zombies
– Changed Pack-a-Punch Camo
– Improved Br-r-ah RPM during Acceleration Period
– Improved some Materials for Xmodels
– Improved Penetration for all Sniper Rifles, Revolvers, and Tactical Rifles
– Immune to Splash Damage from Ray Gun Y and Z for both PaPed and Non-PaPed
– Nerfed Quartermaster’s Repeater Damage Multipliers and Decreased Max Damage Range
– Buffed Both PaPed and Non-PaPed Ray Gun Z Torso Damage Multipliers



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