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Cage Reimagined

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This is a reimaged version of Cage from WAW back in 2011 by Tom_BMX. This version of cage has the same layout but I have decided to add 8 perk machines to make it fun, more easier to survive and to beat the map.

Please go and check out the original Cage by Tom_BMX here:

Also be sure to check out Cage Remastered by Hero05IT4 here:

Chaos Crew
BOTD Mystery Box
8 Perks with no perk limit
Weapons from BO1, BO2, and WW2
Nacht Zombie Sounds
BOTD Round Music
Classic Perk Shaders
Remember Forever and COD WAW Russian theme for the easter egg song
Buyable Ending
BO4 Max Ammo
No Dog Rounds

KillJoy – Custom Powerup Effects
Booris – BOTD Round Music
TheSkyeLord – Amazing Weapon Ports
Logical Edits – Fighters Fizz perk and Tutorials
F3ARxReaper666 – Zombshell and PHD Slider perk
Ronan_M – Classic Shaders and WAW styled round number font
TJ UndeadSlayer – WAW Styled Barricades
D3V Team – l3akMod
Harry Bo21 – Mystery boxes and Electric Trap
Symbo – Electric Trap, Zombie Health Bars and Tutorials
NINGAMAN829 Erthrock and Midget Blaster – Zombie Models
ColdShrimp2 – WW2 Flags
Killer Potato – WW2 Stielhand Grenades
ProRevenge – Raygun MK2 and Ray gun MK1 Rework
ConvictioNDR – Disable Zombie Collision Script, and Bo4 styled max ammo
Program115, Verk0 and Uptownpapi25 – Tutorials
ZeRoY – Rain and WW2 Assets
Mattarra – Shootable Music Easter Egg
Kingslayer Kyle – Chaos Crew
MyNameIsNobody and Ghillie – Nacht Zombie Sounds
Vertasea – Typewriter Intro Text and Buyable Ending
Pergogo and HitmanVere – Announcer
Madgaz – Model Packs
Treyarch, Sledgehammer Games and Activision – Games

If I have forgotten anyone please let me know thx 🙂



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