Viking Tower

Viking Tower
By: IceGrenade

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Welcome to the New Extension of the Viking Defence map, now with a crazy Tower to defeat!
Enjoy the latest challenge from IceGrenade, make sure you find the bloodied skull if you want a real challenge!
We made this map over the course of a few streams, it was a lot of fun to make, thank you all who have supported the development

More maps coming soon! Check what I am making at: <3

Please @TheIceGrenade me on Twitter when you go live! I love to see your streams! Also might be dropping in tonight if you are live! Also post them in the comments section if you like

If you want to see more projects being made & played then Subscribe to my YouTube:

  • Lots of Bespoke Custom Code
  • Full 8 Player Mod Support:
  • Shared Buyable Ending Purchase
  • Custom Perk Purchasable System
  • Custom Bear Dog AI
  • Perk Easter Egg
  • Custom Personalised Weapons
  • Buyable Ending
  • Custom Round Sounds
  • Custom Voice Sounds
  • Custom Music System
  • Custom Font
  • Custom Perks
  • Custom Hardcore Activator
  • BO4 Carpenter
  • BO4 Max Ammo
  • Increased Difficulty
  • Cold War Weapons
  • Ghost Weapons
  • Advanced Warfare Weapons
  • Infinite Warfare Weapons
  • Crazy Hit Sounds
  • Extra Perks No Limit


If you find bugs please report them and I will do my best to fix them asap.

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Hardcore Highscore Leaderboard
  • Current World Record Holder 00:51:42 duvalknight420
  • 2nd Place 01:05:18 Slim, !Zosma!Kiddara!E

Submit a link to a full video of your game, pictures are not enough proof. Fastest Time to buy the ending.


IceGrenade All Mapping, Voice Lines, Porting, All Scripting, Audio Editor, Easter Egg, FX, Graphics, Custom Zombie Models and more.
TheSkyeLord Weapons
Scobalula Tools
DTZxPorter Tools
The D3V Team (DTZxPorter, SE2Dev, Nukem) LUA
LogicalEdits Cold War Weapons
Natesmithzombies Powerups, Hitmarkers
ZeRoY Zombies
Ardivee Voxes
UGX Buyable Ending
If I missed you please let me know and I will add you right away!

Legendary Members & Beta Testers who Helped make this map possible!

Anto Gaming, Antone Robertson, Awesome Andy Gaming, Balthazar, Blazedragon, C T, CasualRG, CodeNameNANNA, CornrowWallace1, Cranium, D-Mech Designs, DannyCrewPlays, ElGamingChannel, Flapix, Gandalforce, GenerationRy, gtlad, IxRandomerZz, Josh Farrough, Keaton Turner-tower, KeplerTheAlien, Killerspace, Kristian Wells, Localbaby, LoF, Mandy Muncher, Mason Jones, Max Day, Michael Lewis, MrStich, MrUkGamer, NoahJ456, oClapz V2, Patch the-first, PresAviss, raizor dj, Robert Harrison, Rosko Brown, Rum_Ham_Jabroni, SalableBurrito2, sam2748, SCOOTIE, Scott Swanson, SFL Reaction, Smooshed Tomato, Spacedive 7, Steph andAlex, SuperEissa, TAG, Taspens, Terry Southall, TG_Country, TM298, TrekStarLogic, Trent, UnreadNovel, Voracious, VraaxyEdit, WebZombies, Wuk-E, Wunderzorro, Youtube_Man_100, zombiekilla39



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