Catholici Mortuorum

Catholici Mortuorum
By: the_bibba_boy

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After a high school student discovers the presence of 115 in their school, recruited doctors must fight their way through the infestation to set the campus free and discover its secrets along the way. They must retrace the steps regarding how the student fell into the situation where he is today: forever in purgatory.

Catholici Mortuorum (Catholics of the Dead) is a large, hectic, and fast-paced custom zombies map for COD: Black Ops 3 Zombies. Catholici Mortuorum revives the crazy, round based action in zombies- but kicked up a notch. Enemies with faster movement, health, and larger spawn groups create the need for players to stay on their feet at all times, ESPECIALLY when inside hallways. With many exciting and fresh game-play elements in Catholici Mortuorum, the doctors must find their way to escape their suffering and the suffering of the victim.

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**Map Features**
Catholici Mortuorum keeps re-playability in mind, with fast paced action and features to keep players interested.

-Ambient Sounds around the map
-Zombies Chronicles sounds
-6 Perk Limit
-Kino der Toten Zombies
-Elevator between building floors
-Zipline across outdoor campus for fast travel
-Ancient Evil style challenges
-Attackable Generator-Powered Perks
-Acid and Turret traps
-Custom School Themed Font
-Tag der Toten round sounds
-Doctor character models
-Mini phone configure Easter Eggs
-MW 2019 Guns
-MOTD Mystery Boxes
-Tranzit Shield
-Code panel Pack-a-punch opening
-Buffed Dogs
-Buffed Zombies
-Many viable training and camping spots
-BO4 Hitmarkers
-Weapon Swapping Table
-IW Style Bank System
-Ammo caches
-Custom voice lines, guiding players through the Easter Egg
-Main quest Easter Egg
-Boss fight (Ends Game)

Without these mentioned people, the map would not be possible. The people mentioned contributed to the map in regards to their tools, models, assets, scripts, or help with scripting/mapping etc.

(If you believe you should be on this list, please message me ASAP and I would be more than happy to add you!)

-Harry BO21
-eMoX MaNgA
-Madgaz Gaming
-Kingslayer Kyle
-.115 Cal
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