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Dive in to this exciting installment of Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Zombies as universes collide when our heroes arrive at the West Georgia Correctional Facility as featured in the hit TV Series The Walking Dead.

Survive hoards of the undead as you make your way through the open courtyards and into the claustrophobic spaces of the main prison in order to gather resources to secure your survival.

How long can you last?

– 5 Perk Limit
– Custom Wonder Weapon
– Custom Perk
– Custom Equipment
– Free Perk Easter Egg
– 2 Buildables
– Buyable Ending
– Brutus
– Teleporter System

There is no main easter egg at this current time.

Brodie (Mapping)
Madgaz (Tutorials, Ambient Sound, Model Assets, Perk Machine Model)
Harry BO21 (Traps)
Symbo (Traps)
Sphynx (Buildables)
Stevie Wonder 87 (Custom Wonder Weapon, Firework Bomb, Teleporter System)
Glitch (Loading Screen, Preview Image)
TheSkyeLord (MW2019 Weapons)
FearReaper666 (Customer Perk Script)
Vertasea (Power Script, Mystery Boxes, Buyable Ending)
MikeyRay (Script/Tweaks)
ZMbrack115 (Model Assets)
LG (Zombie Models)
NSZ (Custom Powerups)
Spiki (Brutus)
M5_Prodigy (Model Assets)
Zombie115201 (Model Assets)
Nonspecific (Tutorials)
Aaronzors (Custom Perk Shader)
Logical (Graffiti Textures, Perk EE Script)
Robit (Shaders)
Zeroy (Model Assets)
Jbird (Tutorials)
Uptown Papi (Tutorials)
Erthrock (Tutorials)
Verk0 (Tutorials)
Mike Pence (Rain and Lightning)
DTZxPorter (Wraith, L3AKMOD)
Scobula (Greyhound, HydraX, Ambient Rooms)

If I have forgotten anything or feel like you deserve a credit feel free to leave a message on steam or message me directly on Discord itsbrodes#8243

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