London Docks

London Docks
By: Filly

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Operation Fallen Eagle

After a truck carrying an unknown gas was struck by a vehicle and exploded at an abandoned dockyard just outside London, the nearby residents fleeing the scene began to succumb to its fatal effects. Along with the gas explosion also came the discovery of a dark and dangerous undead army laying beneath their beloved home.
S.A.S Detachment Bravo’s Hazmat team has been sent in to clean up any remaining threats and recover samples for further testing…


  • MW:R and MW3 weapons with a toggleable flashlight (Press use twice)
  • Buyable evac to win game
  • All craftable items have 3 parts and have dynamic spawns
  • Craftable Raygun MK3
  • Craftable Tranzit Shield (2 parts)
  • Craftable Power
  • Craftable Pack a Punch
  • Easter Egg song (Find the 3 teddy bears!)
  • No perk limit (Perks include: Juggernog, Speed Cola, Double Tap, Quick Revive, Widows Wine, Staminup, Mule Kick, & Deadshot Daiquiri)


  • Treyarch / Infinity Ward / Sledgehammer Games / Raven Software – In game assets/tools
  • ERRA – Easter Egg song
  • Zeroy – Texture packs
  • Skye – MW3/MW:R Weapons packs
  • MajicPants – LUTs – Thumbnail & loading image
  • Mikey Ray – Some audio fixes
  • MadGaz – Asset Packs – Scripting Help
  • Logical – Graffiti textures
  • HitmanVere – Fix for power switch lag
  • Program115 – Music Easter Egg script
  • NSZ – Buyable ending script
  • xoxor4d – Flashlight script
  • eMoX – Cold War perk machines
  • Archaicvirus – Buildable power script
  • ThomasCat – Hazmat player models
  • robit – Perk shaders
  • Scobalula – Greyhound and other various tools
  • Sphynx – Raygun MK3/PaP/Tranzit Shield crafting packs + various dev commands for pre-release testing
  • HarryBo21/Symbo – Turret/Electric Traps
  • Spiki – Brutus 2.0

A special thanks to the following for playtesting early versions!

  • MajicPants
  • JoeJoe
  • Astrus
  • Country
  • v2461

    This is my first ever full project released, thank you all for the kind reception!

    Known issues/bugs

  • FMG9 Flashlight is broken. This isn’t something I can fix unfortunately.
  • Some iron fences near juggernaut are missing clipping, I advise against jumping into them as you will fall to your death.



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