By: Ardivee, Zeroy & Divinefury

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Deep inside a child’s mind, our four hero’s attempt to escape the dark and secret past within her dreams.

Need a new weapon? We got you covered!

Lost or almost down? Use Nightmare vision for invincibility and hints

Feeling a bit slow? This will give you a temporary boost

  • Objectives
  • Side EE
  • Checkpoints
  • Working clock

And loads of other features! but we leave that to you to discover.


Are mods supported on this map?
No, however some mods will work fine. Use it at your own risk.

I’m spawning outside of the map
Mods are not supported on this map, please find a different mod or play without.

The game crashes on the alarm
Please make sure you are running the latest version.

The game crashes when the game is ending
Please make sure you are running the latest version

Splitscreen is broken
Please make sure you are running the latest version

The map is not showing up in my list
Try to resubscribe or contact Steam Support on this, we have no control over this.

The game crashes when playing with a friend
Please make sure you are both running the latest version.

Will there be a round based version?
Most likely not.



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