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This will be my first entry into the zombies modding community.
I’m not new to modding I’ve been using Creation Kit for a couple of years so im not a newbie. But Radiant was way different (not hard just different) it took me two weeks to make this map and im quite proud.

I was going to release this on Aug 21st (also my birthday) but some family matters came up.

// Need to Know

Buyable Ending (50k) (the white truck that’s at the end of the street)

Buildable Power

No Perk Limit

*Don’t forget to grab the change from the perk machines.*

Most buildings do not have weapon clips on their roofs. Will fix if needed.

// Unnecessary Knowledge/Features

My First (Released) Map.
Has Electric Cherry (IMO the coolest perk)
Widows Wine
Mule Kick
Speed Cola
Jug (Obviously Who wouldn’t have it)
Double tap
Quick Revive
A Maze (Not really a Maze).
This was a learning experience the only thing that I haven’t got down is lighting but that will be something ill learn for my next map.(if anyone could give me tips i’d be grateful)

//My Thanks
Im suprised at the amount of people that have checked out my map and I thank you all.

I will also say that I will release a map in the future. Sadly it will be a while as the map im currently creating corrupted and there was no way to bring it back, but this also proved to be good fortune as I’ve established better ideas for the map.



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