Holofya’s One Window Shed

Holofya's One Window Shed
By: Holofya

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You noticed your grass was overgrown so you went out to your shed to get your lawn mower to cut the grass. When you turned to leave your shed, the world was changed. It was night time and zombies were coming to take your life. How long can you survive in the Zombie Shed? What secrets can you unearth deep below what you thought was the small shed in your back yard?

Thank you for checking out my first map project!


  • BO2 weapons
  • Shootables
  • Contributable Buyable ending

TheSkyeLord – BO2 weapon ports
JBird – zombie update and traversals
Uptownpapi – shootables tut
Lilmatteus – some creative advice and help
UGX – timed gameplay and buyable ending (I made the buyable ending contributable 😉 )



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