Rainy Day Alpha 3

Rainy Day Alpha 3
By: Davidshaft

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Rainy Day : Robots VS Watermelon : Chapter 1 – Alpha 3

Story :
After Watermelons were added all around the map, the robots got jealous of the watermelons.
the robots no longer get the attention they so crave, So the Robots Now are opponents with
the Watermelons

Whats New?

– Robots are trying to hack You! (UI Error code) [Press Esc to dismiss]
– Robots are starting to hate the Watermelons
– Added Robot HQ
– More Wall weapons
– Moved Widows Wine
– 1250 Starting Cash
– Watermelon Raygun


1 – TBD
2 – TBD
3 – TBD
Send me a video or image on my discord to prove that you have made it onto the leaderbords.

My on discord serverĀ (https://discord.gg/KXMhbfV)

If you have any ways to improve the game, please DM Me on discordĀ (https://discord.gg/KXMhbfV)
I Love Feedback to make the game more enjoyable for your gaming experience
I hope you can Give me Feedback so I Can Improve Alpha 3 and make it better for Alpha 4!


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