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A cheese cube inspired challenge map based on a fishtank. Find all of the portraits and escape!

I recommend playing this map with Volumetric lighting on!
Latest Update: 1.4.3 (Check in-game map description)

-MWR Weapons
-Stock + Reaper’s BO4 Perks(Bandolier Bandit, Winter’s Wail, PHD Slider) + Dr. Double
-Timed barriers
-Timed gameplay
-Perk Shrine(Similiar to Wunderfizz functionality)
-Multiple versions of the map to play!(Classic, *Chemophobia, *Stranded, *Snooze)
-Optional Gun Game supported in all modes
-Various secret EEs
-Buyable ending

//More info\\
*Chemophobia – toxic water doesn’t rise, but the world is harder!
*Stranded – toxic water doesn’t rise, but you can’t leave the starting room!
*Snooze – door barriers are no longer timed, but the world is harder!
All gamemodes are selected by the host at the start of the match

TheSkyeLord for MWR weapons
Harrybo21 Blundergat, Acidgat, Magmagat + Behavior Trees + Powerups
KingSlayer Kyle for Mulekick Indicator
Reaper’s BO4 Perks
MadKix’s Bo3 Perk Shaders
UGX Team for Timed Gameplay as well as the UGXMod’s gamemode selection menu
ConvictioNDR for Disable Zombie Collision Script + Gun Game
Quizz for information regarding timed doors
DualVII for Zombie Counter
NateSmithZombies(NSZ) Spare Change for Perks, Buyable Ending
ZoekMeMaar for Base PaP Powerup
HitmanVere for fixing power lag
L3ak Mod v1.0.4 DTZxPorter
MakeCents, Holofya, gtlad for scripting help
Sayen-Raigin for MagmaGat FX



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