Mount Ormond Killer Shack

Mount Ormond Killer Shack
By: King Krondoe

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My first l map eva!!! If there’s anything wrong let me know! Based off of my favorite game ATM Dead by Daylight
featuring the Killer Shack in Mount Ormond! Not a one to one copy but pretty close! Just wish I could of got some DBD
assets but oh well. Have fun guys!

NEW DEAD ASSETS (Thanks to !noot)

+New Dead Assets including Killer Shack, Basement, lockers and hooks
+375 Weapons including WW2, Blackops 2 & 3
+17 total perks (16 in solo)
+Hag custom zombie skin
+Kino style teleporter that spawns to PAP
+2 soul boxes (rewards free perk)
+Build-able power switch
+Build-able Rocket Shield with random locations
+5 Shoot-able totems which give 2 perk increase (5 for DBD lore)
+Der Wunderfizz w/ 13 perks including Black ops 2 perks
+Madgaz perks including Banana Colada
+MOTD Mystery Box
+Dead by Daylight round sounds
+Shootable mini Easter egg with 3 bears
+Shadowman Announcer w/ Monty
+Random starter perk machine locations (expect Quick)
+MP custom PAP
+Small but challenging

Special thanks to these wonderful people! Without them this wouldn’t of been possible
*!noot(Pripyat Zombies) for the Dead Assets
*Graffiti Designs
*The Death Troll
+Make Cents

-If you see something here and I didn’t give them credit feel free to write to me and I’ll add them!



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