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THIS MAP REQUIRES T4M TO PLAY. If you don't already have T4M download it below.

T4M Download

A map inspired by dreams, friends, and colleagues. I hope you enjoy it and all of its awesome features!


Round Starter, Zombie Counter – Dust

BO1 Weapons – shippuden1592

Rai-K56 FX – HarryBO21

Hitmarkers – Mzslayer

Shootable Doors, Keypads – Make Cents

Soul Chests, Electric/Explosive Ammo, Achievements, Panzers – Blunt Stuffy

Help With Round Change Music – DuaLVII

Kino Teleporter – Aidan

Teddy Bear Easter Egg – Cristian_M

Pause Menu, PaP Camo – HitmanVere

Perks – Gympie6

Round Change Music – Treyarch

Custom Models – Salaj

Buildable Door Switch – BYZMODZ

BO2 Weapons – SpiralModz

MW2 Weapons – Rorke

CoD4 Weapons – WoLf_GoLd

Bombs – buttkicker845

HUD, Character Randomization, Generators – alaurenc9

Instant Nuke, Unlimited Ammo Powerup – KDXDARK


Assassinfunches – https://www.twitch.tv/assassinfunches

Cristian_M – https://youtube.com/channel/UCEO9AlCarXEAAPNHsaci_sA

ImRezQo – https://www.twitch.tv/imrezqo

RadimaX – https://www.ugx-mods.com/forum/mlist/radimax_118

Reanymation – https://www.twitch.tv/reanymation

Redryder21 – https://www.twitch.tv/redryder21

OfficialSaluc – https://www.twitch.tv/officialsaluc

WhySoCerealMan – https://www.twitch.tv/whysocerealman

Yikame – https://www.twitch.tv/yikame


Free PaPed Python (one person):
– Swim to PaP
– Shoot the picture to your left and down with the unupgraded Colt

Free PaPed P90 (all teammates):
– Fill all the soul boxes
– Collect the free weapon in the power room

Main EE:
– Shoot all 10 Teddy Bears:
        – Window in room with Round Starter
        – Roof of Deadshot room
        – On an adjacent roof in the power room, right and up from the G3 wallbuy
        – In the window across from Double Tap
        – On the old JayJiveCertified logo in Jugg room
        – Top corner of grey brick tower across from the entrance to the roof town
        – Left hallway next to the Stamin-Up building
        – Leaning on a chimney on the roof of the house next to Tombstone
        – Alleyway to the right of the SPAS wallbuy
        – In the corner behind the fence to the right of the JayJiveCertified themed soul box
– Locate the newly opened door in the grey brick tower and open the 0 cost door
– Link all 3 phones
– Fill all soul boxes
– Teleport to PaP, buy the Law (wallbuy is in the boat to the right of Quick Revive), and pack it
– Shoot the PaPed law at the door that says “LAW” above it
– Locate the 3 Bombs (if you can’t seem to find one in the map, check the far corner of the ocean to the right of PaP)
– Bomb the grey brick door behind the LAW door
– Open up all the doors in the bonus area (significantly more helpful with Hacker Honey perk)
– Go around the map and solve the 3 Targtename code panels:
        – Stamin-Up room across from Stamin-Up
        – In the room opened up by the Teddy Bears next to the 0 cost door
        – In the last bonus room next to new PaP machine
– Obtain the Free Colt from the last bonus room and PaP it
– Buy EXACTLY 5 Generators (6 Listed):
        – In ocean to the left of PaP
        – In the closet off of the Deadshot room
        – In the closet off of the Jugg room
        – In front of the Stamin-Up building
        – In the grey brick tower room
        – In the last bonus room
– Save up 20,000 points
– Position yourself where the 0 cost doorway is and aim for the corner of the pink cluttered room (you should see a dude); shoot the dude with the PaPed Colt
– End the round
– Buy the last generator

Free MP40 (EE Exclusive):
– Shoot the picture of the dude looking over the roof town behind the house with the chimney (teddy bear was there before)

Unlock the Super Wonder Weapon Wallbuy:
– Shoot the 3 Ducks around the map:
        – On the plane wing on the right side, shot from the entrance to the first room
        – In the front window of the boat in the pink cluttered room
        – In a hallway behind the Free Colt box in the last bonus room
– Wallbuy is located in the grey tower room

Music EE:
– Hit the box until you get the “SW Prototype”
– Pack it to be the “Holly’s Key”
– Fire the Holly’s Key at the brown door in the Jugg room with the Magnum above it
– Once the door is open, read the message and then press F on the radio



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