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10 Weeks – 10 Maps; A mapping series by Logical. This map is apart of a series of maps where each week I will create and release a new small, survival based map and at the end of the 10 weeks I will combine all 10 maps into a “Revelations-Styled” Map.

Week 7: DEPTH. Abandoned ghost town lost beneath the surface. Someone resides here that might be able to help you survive!

  • Buyable Ending
  • Arthur Leroy
  • Small map with intense gameplay; Difficult map, good luck!
  • Multiple Wonder Weapons!
  • Black Ops 2 Weapons!
  • Full Custom HUD!

Created by Logical

TheSkyeLord – Weapons
HarryBo21 – Perks, Traps
Symbo – Traps
KhelMor – Vigor Rush Perk
Heroic – Custom Round Sounds
Garrett – Announcer
Ronan – Perk Shaders
Vertasea – Buyable Ending
Madgaz – Ported Assets / Prefabs
Sphynx – Console Commands
robit – HUD Template

Scobalula – Tools
Activison & Subsidiaries – Assets & Games

Kevin Sherwood – Where are we going? (EE Song)

Special Thanks To:
Chat from my streams!

Please let me know if I am missing anyone from the credits list, thanks!

If anyone would like to donate, please do so HERE []
If anyone would like to see how this map was made, along with more maps, please do so HERE

Total time to create: 1 Week with a long break


There may be some issues regarding Arthur Leroy. The script for Arthur is not entirely finished and lacks some of the features from Buried, as only Candy and Booze works as of now. I didn’t want to sit on this map forever and just release it to you guys, so I apologize if you come into any bugs. Once Arthur is completely finished I will update the map.



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