Raccoon City

Raccoon City
By: ZMbrack115

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Welcome to raccoon city. You are ready to leave the most terrifying and infected city in the United States alive.
Enter the most iconic settings of the video games resident evil 2 and 3 remake.
places like the police station, the city center with the Toy uncle toy store, the gun shop

Difficulty: Very expensive doors, narrow areas, dark map, and the astronaut following you, fast zombies from round 5 and juggernog away from the spawn zone.

Warning: This is a test map reaching its final version, there are some bugs, mainly sound, as well as that it does not have ee. It only has an affordable ending

In the future the map will be updated with the one that will have a bossfight and puzzles.

– ffyl
– icu
– Tactiquilla
– Peks Cold war
– weapons MW2019 and bo4
– Add Brutus
– Enemies Custom

– Xdeferpc = Scripts and EE
– frankcastle = Nemesis model riggin
– Pepergogo = Scripts
– KillJoy = Models dogs resident evil riggin
– HarryBo21 = Perk Pack, Weapon Pack
– Logical = Perk Pack
– TheSkyeLord = Weapon Pack
– mickey0917 = Zombies In Spaceland Clown ZM Models
– DamianoTBMz = BOCW Minigun/Death Machine
– Kingslayer Kyle = Models zombies



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