Dunder Mifflin

Dunder Mifflin
By: logical

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Scranton, PA, A.K.A., The Electric City, has been overrun with the undead! It is up to you to defend Dunder Mifflin Paper Company! Play through this recreation of NBC’s hit television show, “The Office (US)”, and see if you can survive the outbreak!

  • Full Main Quest
  • Side Quests
  • Over 100 references to the TV show! How many do you recognize?
  • Small ‘office’ map with intense gameplay; Difficult map, good luck!
  • Multiple Wonder Weapons!
  • 12 Perks
  • Black Ops 1 Weapons
  • Modern Warfare Remastered Weapons

Created by Logical
Commissioned by drwwbear

KingslayerKyle – Shadows of Evil Zombie Models
TheSkyeLord – Weapons
HarryBo21 – Perks, Boxes, PaP
Sphynx – Console Commands
NZS – Infinite Ammo Powerup
Dobby – Scripting Help
raptroes – Scripting Help
KhelMor – Vigor Rush Perk
Vertasea – Buyable Ending
Humphrey – BO3 Perk Shaders

Scobalula – Tools
Activison & Subsidiaries – Assets & Games

NBC – Created one of the best TV shows to ever exist!

The Human Beinz – Nobody But Me (EE Song)

Special Thanks To:
drwwbear for the commission and making this possible!

Please let me know if I am missing anyone from the credits list, thanks!

If anyone would like to donate, please do so HERE [www.paypal.com]

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Total time to create: 2 Weeks



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