Christmas Spirit

Christmas Spirit
By: LocalBabyPoop

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Christmas Spirit

Fun Challenges Map for Christmas to just have
some Fun and besting a map….

Was Made By Me and my oldest kiddos Johanna and Derrick,
teaching them how to make a map and script it
and trolling lol you will see hit tab to test.
So we challenge you guy’s to beat there easy map.
and just have so fun in there first Christmas map…..

find Christmas spirit he will help
there are only three xmas tree big mid and small one. shot or nade maybe :steamhappy:

find rewards.
Get set up and go to reindeer games.

Localbaby – Scripter
Localbaby/Johanna is only 15,Derrick is only 14 – Mapper and tester
DTZxPorter (Wraith Model Exporter)
Treyarch (Mod Tools, Being Awesome!)
T7Mods / BO3 Mod Tools – Discords
Emox – scripts
Sphynx – Buildable shield
TheSkyLord – weapons port
HarryBO21 – perks, powerups
Zeroy – Ideas, assets
Madgaz – Asset packs,custom cold war hud
Ice Grenade – Tutorials and ideas
JBird632 – maya tut
Kill joy – ideas and assets/models
RedSpace200 – scripts
Gmzorz – Rotates sky script
Symbo – no power lag
Ardivee – elf zombie model

Ice Grenade sub flag was made by localbaby
for all the grate people over there on youtube/IceGrenade

If I’m missing anyone please contact me and I will make changes as credit is due to where its due.
Thanks for playing my map! Please leave comments / thoughts / bugs / suggestions down below in the comments.
I’ll be reading each and every one. Hope you all enjoy!



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