Rainy Death

Rainy Death
By: HitmanVere

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The rains fall again in the renovated, yet abandoned town. Fight never-ending waves of infected in this feature-rich sequel of the World at War custom zombies map: Rainy Death.


A Word From Creator:
– The map features new music that isn’t copyrighted, so you are free (and advised) to crank up the music for your game time.
– In Pause Menu there are few new settings that you can toggle on/off (will reset on game restart), so use those to tailor your experience.

  • Original layout with new pathways created, fast travels added to few dead ends and some areas redone completely and added to make gameplay flow better
  • A completely new cast of characters to play as (an SAS Unit) that reacts to the environment, as well as few new additions that bring unique flair to their parts
  • About 40 weapons from various non-CoD games, including Killing Floor 2, Payday 2, Battlefield 4, Dirty Bomb, Apex Legends and more
    – All of them are custom animated, fitted with new sounds and are also inspectable
  • Fully revisited Main Quest with same idea as original’s, now includes story elements that were missing completely in original and some extra added parts such as a proper finale
  • Few Side Quests sprinkled around that are going to be harder to find compared to the objective-oriented Main Quest
  • A new way of acquiring Shield, Specialist weapon and other items through a feature inspired by Killing Floor 2’s Trader system
  • New AI mixed in with the regular zombies, one being upgrade from the original and one being an enemy that was cut from original WaW version
  • 10 perks (original nine + one new custom perk) with perk limit raised to 5
  • Old features revisited such as intro firing range, way to get back there, unlocking Pack-A-Punch etc.
  • Fully translated experience when it comes to text, no more confusion when English is not your primary language

  • Partisan Executioner – 99% of the weapon audio, some extra assets
  • Ege115 – Some of the weapon animations, idea approver
  • lilrobot – Inspecting and Nullcrawler scripts, script advice, FX assistance
  • Scobalula – Tools, rain filter, Gas Zombie rerig, MWR characters
  • DTZxPorter – Tools, L3akMod
  • Vice Squad – FX enhancements, BOCW PaP
  • ConnorSivley – IW Zombies conversion rig
  • Lethal Peelz – Commando model
  • lilrifa/JariK – Lua help
  • ZeRoY/Ardivee – Tutorials
  • Luna – Animation rig
  • Rollonmath42 – CS:GO model help
  • SoiDev – Side Quest weapon model
  • Adams Archive/Gildor/ p3dm(dot)ru / freepbr(dot)com – Assets

    Voice Actors:
  • TrentVO as Captain Ross
  • ScottJZim as Lieutenant Gray
  • Medz as Sergeant Perry
  • JackisJack as Private Collins
  • Nosaudio_VO as Project Tyrant
  • SmoothTalk as Broadcaster/The Passenger

  • ch33zy200 – Round transitions, Game Over and ambient stings
  • Paul Christoforakos – Fire/Bonfire Sale music, misc SFX, envelop fix
  • metaloul – Easter Egg song, Shadow Cider jingle
  • azharfr7 – Project Tyrant/Boss Fight themes
  • Isehgal – Safe Room theme
  • himanshugoya242 – Weapon Chest jingle, Main Quest completion SFX
  • Holo Bass – Credits theme

  • ClixMods/ZeRoY – French
  • Planet – Italian
  • ElTitoPricus – Spanish
  • SneakerStreet – German
  • NexusBR – Portuguese
  • IronAlex(Alex_Five) – Russian
  • Zi0 – Polish
  • JustForFun119 – Traditional Chinese
  • スミラー(thmiller)- Japanese

    Alpha/Beta Testers:
  • raptroes
  • Mr. Von
  • Cameron
  • Uk_ViiPeR
  • mr_moonie

Support the creator: http://ko-fi.com/hitmanvere



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