Der Bunker

Der Bunker
By: NonSpecific

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In an alternate timeline, the Victis Crew have been recruited by requiem to investigate an abandoned bunker near Morasko, Poland. Taking place just after the events of DIE MASCHINE, can our four heroes complete their mission? Or will they die trying?

– Straight-forward main Easter Egg
– End game
– Cold War points system
– Cold war weapons
– Cold war perks
– Medium sized map

– Planet – Scripting the Easter Egg and helping out with my newbie scripting
– MikeyRay – Flashlight script and being patient with me. Also MW4 textures.
– Madgaz – Voice Acting, Model packs, general mapping help, power-aid punch
– Zeroy – Model Packs, Cold war melee weapons, dark aether jellyfish, free weapon script
– Hannah – Voice acting <3
– Praaly – Exfill helicopter
– pmr360 – Cold War weapon ports
– Sphynx – Subtitles and origins shield
– Dobby – Cold War Wunderfizz
– BetiroVal – Electric Cherry model
– Robit – HUD, Inventory
– Glitch – preview image
– raptroes – scripting help
– Eric Maynard – Cold War Perk Machines
– Emox Manga – Cold War Perk Machines
– DantheLittleMan1 – Trailer
– Spiki – Mangler
– HarryBo21 – Panzer, Digsites
– Kingslayer Kyle – WW2 Zombies
– Midgetblaster – Die Maschine Zombies

– Godzilla_Lasagna
– flowerman96
– (PieFace49)
– VictoriaBitter
– The Guy With a Hat
– VerK0
– Logical Edits
– chlomoney
– Scobabula
– janniq
– Mazikeen (Maze)
– ItsRllyyTwitchyy
– Sir.Doggo
– rivadog360
– jakeross
– Ei3D3ST
– JBolt97
– Mr_Deals

If I forgotten to credit anyone, please let me know and i’ll add you in as soon as possible.

Please also report any bugs you may encounter.


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