Apartments of the Dead

Apartments of the Dead
By: Casualish

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Patch Notes:
-Improved/Increased lighting
-Improved Brutus spawns and pathing
-Difficulty modification
-Slight cosmetic/detail additions
-Various other bug fixes

Try to escape the cursed apartments in this single-player designed survival map. Featuring tight corners, dark hallways, vertical traversals, magical elevators and much more!

Can you survive the horde and find a way out?

This is my first map and I had a great time learning and working on it. This project begun as my tutorial template (thanks again to all the awesome Youtube channels) that eventually grew into the map it has become today.
The apartment complex is loosely based on the apartments where I currently reside, and it includes an EE that unlocks a buyable ending.


I’ve realized that it is near impossible to invest ‘enough’ time into detailing, so I have decided to stop moving the goalpost and wanted to release the map as it currently stands…I’ve spend a little over 200 hours into it (majority of the time learning and re-learning) however I am relatively satisfied with how it looks – but definitely excited to keep working on it as needed.

Looking forward to any and all feedback, and please report back any bugs that you find/notice.

Thanks and enjoy!

Special thanks to;
Jbird632, GAM3VIDZ, Uptownpapi25, IceGrenade, Program115 for their very helpful tutorials.
Skye – Weapons
UptownPapi25 – JumpPad
IceGrenade – Teleporter
HarryBo21 – PaP
HarryBo21 – Mystery Box
Redspace200 – Soulbox
GAM3VIDZ – Traversals
Graffiti – sounds
TheDeathToll – Jumpscare

Apologies if I might have missed anyone – feel free to let me know and I’ll make sure to include.



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