Outpost – Frost

Outpost - Frost
By: Its zEcstasy

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Fixed zombies occasionally jumping over nothing by the garage
Fixed zombies getting stuck behind bunker doors when the whole map is open but power is off
Fixed some minor clipping issues
Made power parts a little bit easier to find
Added flashlight functionality inside the cabin near spawn due to it being so dark when the power is off
Added character voice overs

Welcome to Outpost:Frost.
An abandoned cabin which was supposed to be a safe zone. The team arrives to find that this is no longer the case. Fight to survive and attempt to make your way to safety.

Quick overview –
This map features 12 perks with no perk limit, Black Ops Cold War & Mw2 weapons, buy-able ending, traps & more. Thanks for checking it out! This is my first finished release on Black Ops 3. Please let me know if any issues or bugs are found & I’ll be sure to fix them as soon as I can.

12 Perks with no perk limit
3 Traps
3 bear music egg
2 free perk eggs
Kino style tele
Cold War weapons
Modern Warfare 2 weapons
Random first box location every game
Thrasher zombies
Buildable power
Buildable shield

Perks –
Speed Cola
Double Tap
Quick Revive
Vulture Aid
Stamin Up
Electric Cherry
Widows Wine
Mule Kick
Tombstone (Via free perk egg only)

Escaping/ Easter egg/ Buyable ending steps –

Inside the bunker, look into the bathroom. You see a switch panel with 4 square buttons and a red blinking light. Shoot the bottom left button.

This opens a door at the entrance of the bunker, on the right. Go into this room and pick up the fuse. From there, make your way into the garage and place the fuse inside the box on the wall on the left.

This opens the garage style door inside the shed in the area beside the garage. Inside you find a free perk, and the ending trigger.

Buying the ending will make zombies Spawn infinitely, and you have to run through the map and find the exit. (The exit is free after you’ve bought the door, making the door technically the “buy-able ” part. So the game DOES NOT end when you buy the door, you must find the exit that it opens and make it to the escape vehicle.

HarryBO21 – Traps, Perks, Thrasher
LogicalEdits – DevRaw, perk egg script, sounds
JBird – Music easter egg & other tutorials
Symbo – Multiple scripts
Holofya -Flashlight
Vertasea – Help with scripts
NateSmithZombies – Kino Tele
Sphynx – Buildables & Static Powerup
FrostIceForge – 3 # Door script
TheSkyeLord – Weapon ports
Scobalula – Tools
Treyarch, Sledgehammer, Infinity Ward, and Activision
PMR360 – Weapon ports
Renafox on SketchFab – GMC1500 model & Toyota Landcruiser model
Daniel Zhabotinsky on SketchFab – American Muscle ’71 model
Mathf@g – Multiple scripts



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