Cozy Cabin

Cozy Cabin
By: 115SKY

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Sometime between Der Eisendrache and Zetsubou No Shima, our four hereos stumbled upon a cabin in the woods.
They decided to take shelter in the cabin in search for food and water.
Out of nowhere, the undead army showed up and crashed the party.
Can you escape this cozy cabins nightmare? Or will you be overrunned?

This is my very first map so apologizes for anything unpolished. I spent two months making this map for people who want an easy, relaxing experience.

Warning: Copyright notice! The Easter Egg song in this map is copyrighted so streamers/youtubers beware.

Shootable Easter Egg
Music Easter Egg
Buildable Shield
Maybe a jumpscare or 2…
14 perks total, 13 solo
Mainly BO2 weapons, 5 wonder weapons
Buyable ending

115SKY; Mapper
The D3V Team
HarryBo21; Perks, Mystery Box, Pack a Punch
Sphynx; Console Commands, Vine Shield
NSZ; Buyable Ending, Jumpscare, Zombie Blood, Shootable EE
Madgaz; His Perks
Program 115; Music EE
Scobalula & ZMbrack115; RE2, RE3 Remake Models
Graffitis; Sounds
ProRevenge, DTZxPorter, Azsry, Lilrifa, Scobalula; Raygun Rework & Raygun MK2
TheSkyeLord; BO2 Weapon Ports
Xhaiil & Scobalula; Splash Models
Activision, Treyarch

Let me know if I missed anyone!

Berried Alive: “Slaughtermelon” Easter Egg Song (Check them out on Youtube, they are amazing!)



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