Liminal Pool

Liminal Pool
By: Casualish

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Just a liminal pool to let off some steam.

This is a small and simple map – it is meant mainly for jumping in and having some fun, hanging with the vibes and surviving as long as you can (unless if you wish to leave).

It features;
-Power on from the start
-No doors to buy
-8 Perks with no limit
-Weapon Trading Table
-Wunderfizz for all your perk needs
-Mystery Box with various weapons from BO1-BO4
-4 large soulboxes that award random higher-tier weapons
-75k Contributable Buyable Ending

**Please be patient with the soulboxes – they are meant more of a passive progress as you naturally go through the rounds.

**Please let me know if you find any bugs/issues. Looking forward to your feedback.

Special Thanks to;
Jbird632, GAM3VIDZ, Uptownpapi25, IceGrenade, Program115 for their very helpful tutorials.
Skye – Weapons
HarryBo21 – Mystery Box
Redspace200 – Soulbox
Graffiti – sounds
Frosty – Custom zombie eye colors
Frosty – Weapon Trading Table
and of course r/liminalpools for inspiration

I worked on this throughout the last two weeks while I had some downtime – It was a great way to apply some of the things I’d learned with my first map, but now with more hands-on Radiant experience. Working on a small scale map was definitely a ton of fun, especially since I am not sure when I’ll get a chance to work on another map. Thanks again to all for playing!



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