Deathrun Zombie

Deathrun Zombie
By: GoGu

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This map is a game mode in Zombie to compete with your friends, if your alone you’ll not have fun
The goal is simple, you just need to be the first to reach and pay the End Game
You can also buy bonus (perk, weapon…) and malus (no sprint, delete perk or weapon…) for your friends, or enemies in this map

List of Bonus :

  • Buy Ammo for your current weapon
  • Buy Random Perk
  • Buy Random Weapon
  • Buy Infinite ammo for 20 seconds
  • Upgrade your weapon to lvl 2
  • Buy an AAT (dead wire, turned…)
  • Buy Zombie Blood for 20 seconds
  • Buy Wonder Weapon
  • Upgrade your weapon to lvl 3
  • Buy Loto (1/2 chance to have the next purchase free or x2)

List of Malus :

  • Buy No Sprint
  • Buy Black Screen
  • Buy Empty Mag
  • Buy Delete Perk
  • Buy Empty Ammo Stock
  • Buy Downgrade weapon
  • Buy Turn Camera non stop during 5 seconds
  • Buy Set the HP to 1
  • Buy a Screamer
  • Buy Delete Weapon
  • Buy Super Speed (x15)
  • Buy No Speed (x0)
  • Buy Delete all Weapons
  • Buy Delete all Perks

There is also some easter egg to earn points, steal points…

Good Game Have Fun !


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