Void Expanse

Void Expanse
By: Renegade

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“Something has, gone wrong… the teleporter must have not been calibrated right. Stupid me! If they couldn’t fix it before, why did I think they could now! … Scheisse … At the very least we aren’t dead, I suppose … … being out here though, we might as well be.”

The map is optimized well but has lots of high quality assets in it. If it doesn’t run well try turning down settings!

Copyright Notice:

The ambiance music is all non-copyright. I have included a copyrighted song as the teddy bear music easter egg however.
If someone starts playing it and you wish to turn it off, the music slider in the options works.


  • Renegade_LD: Main developer. Responsible for everything else not listed below.
  • Redspace200: Coding all the map-specific scripts.
  • Lethal Peelz: Custom Mystery Box, Sks, Galil, Remington, Raygun Mk3, Sterling, Vityaz.

  • Chromastone10: Editing the map’s launch trailer.
  • Gianni Matrigrano: Voicing Dempsey.
  • Kelsey Keagan: Voicing Richtofen.

  • Scobalula: Tools used to extract Black Ops 1-5 assets & perk fx.

  • The Indestructible Mike Pence: Mangler AI.
  • F3ARxReaper666: Black Ops 4 Perks.
  • Raptroes: Max ammo fix, perk fx, ee perk fix, & being epic.
  • Blak: Nail-Gun, back-end advice, & being epic.
  • TJ UndeadSlayer: Ported Barriers.
  • Ronan_M: Custom Round Font.

  • Atreyu – Save Us

Ways to Donate:
Genuinely, my main form of payment is seeing everyone enjoy my creations. But I have funded parts of this map to get it the way it is. While it isn’t expected, if anyone wants to throw me a bone, you can using the ways below:

My Patreon![patreon.com]

PayPal: [email protected]

Cashapp: $RenegadeLD

Seriously, thank you <3


– Brenden H.

Custom assets made for this map are not permitted to be used in any other custom map. Any that do will be reported, and any exceptions will be noted in this description.



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