Fy Pool Day Remake

Fy Pool Day Remake
Version: Day & Night By: kielrgz

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THIS MAP REQUIRES T4M TO PLAY. If you don't already have T4M download it below.

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Size: 286 MB

Hello everyone, it’s been a while since I brought you a map, it’s because I was a bit complicated, even so I wanted to make a quick map and this one came out, I hope you enjoy it. I want to clarify that it is not an exact copy of the original since I am missing prefabs and some things but even so I think it is enjoyable for those who love the classic Fy Pool Day, without further ado I leave you my map and below the bugs that you may find .
The bugs they will find will be: That they can’t revive their teammates in coop out there, (don’t test that let me know if it works or not), In the hands of Nuketown, I mean the man in the suit With the Scar H and AN94 they will look weird sometimes when you use them, it’s like a line, it doesn’t affect the gameplay but when you reload it will be noticeable, to avoid that if you want to restart the map until Dempsey’s Arms of Origins touches them, Another bug is that the perks don’t light up I don’t know why it happens that since before in my maps if they had lights but well I don’t know what it really is, if there is any other bug they let me know, unfortunately I don’t make perfect maps knowing that I’ve been at this for years but well… you do what you know Maybe, being a Latin American mapper makes it difficult for me to look for new things to implement and even more so now that waw is a bit abandoned, I hope you know how to understand.
What does the map bring? BO2 Weapons, 3 Bosses, Scavenger Weapon, MW2 Weapons, Cold War Style Hud, BO1,BO2,BO3 Perks. Hit Maker, Chalk BO2, Perks inco BO2 and Purchasable Final.
Tips on my map? Open the red doors first to go straight to the box since I purposely made it so that there were no purchasable weapons to move the gameplay a bit to always stay in the same place…..
Another tip is to also focus on opening the white door of the Punch Pack, which is 3, the doors always open from the outside, so don’t try to open them from the inside because they won’t be able to do it!…. this is done so that do not trust when entering and wanting to open all the doors.
Anyway, any comments you have or doubts let me know, I will surely update the sky for some day, it happens that for a strange reason the map lights up a lot every time I put a Skybox during the day and that changes the codes of the script of the World Spawn but well… I’ll see what to do. Maybe I’ll also take out 2 versions, the Night one and the Day one. to make the game more enjoyable. Finally, Play and Enjoy! Cheers!
UPDATE v1.1:
Fixed the doors to be able to open them from both sides.
Heaven was changed for a better one and day.
UPDATE v1.2:
I made the same version of the map but in Night mode if you like… it’s in the version below.
Color effect on zombie eyes.


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