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THIS MAP REQUIRES T4M TO PLAY. If you don't already have T4M download it below.

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This is my first map, so please be kind with your feedback. :) 
The goal I had for this map was to make a map that is confusing to navigate and requires a bit of strategizing and optimization to complete. The theme of exploring a maze of tunnels was conducive to accomplishing this goal. To escape, you must move through the maze, collecting weapons and perks as you fight through waves of the undead. Once you free yourself from the constrictive passageways, you’ll discover a quaint church which presents a daunting final challenge.
This map is not intended to be a re-creation of the Paris catacombs, its just a series of tunnels with a few bones in it. (I didn’t even know about the cancelled nazi_zombie_paris map until I started scripting.) I didn’t intend for this map to be extremely challenging since it takes quite a long time to complete and I don’t like restarting a map after failing an hour into it. Most of the difficulty is baked into the early game to avoid massive losses of progress. This also has the effect of making your power growth more tangible as you collect the perks and upgrade your weapons. I didn’t test 3-4 player coop, so feel free to voice any balance complaints you may have.

There were a few issues that I did my best to eliminate.

  • Sometimes the zombies’ pathing breaks. To solve this, I simply respawn zombies if their pathing is broken for a few seconds.
  • Rarely the mauser’s model is messed up on load. I don’t think I can fix this, but it only happens at the beginning, so you can just restart if it happens.
  • Sometimes the starting mystery box doesn’t load correctly. I think I fixed it, but the issue happens very sporadically so testing the map many times doesn’t guarantee that it is fixed.
  • Sometimes things just don’t load correctly and you get a script runtime error or a Hunk_AllocateTempMemoryHigh error. Just restart until it works.

If you find any other issues or bugs feel free to comment them (even better if you can identify a cause or a fix ;)).

  • 12 Perks
  • 32 weapons from MW2, BO1, MW3, BO2, Ghosts, AW, BO3, and IW
  • Black ops wonder weapons
  • Fixed wonderwaffle health bug
  • No lunging
  • Teleporters
  • Short easter egg and buyable ending
  • PaP camo
  • FoV slider (under Game Options)
  • Various fixes for power ups
  • No getting trolled by nukes in early game
  • Box locator
  • A fun little finale 😉


gympie6:        black ops perks, 3-round burst fix, reposting wonderwaff fix
alaurenc9:        Insta-Kill knife points fix, nuke+double points fix
steviewonder87:        stop zombies from grabbing you, PaP camo
El Ricos (Ricko0z):    weapon ports
shippuden1592:        bo1 and iw weapon ports, wonder weapon ports
BluntStuffy:        soul box scripts, panzers
Aidan:            teleport scripts
DuaLVII:        respawning zombies
Dust:            zombie counter
Scobalula:        max ammo fills clip, fov slider
SniperBolt:        mystery box prefabs
TOM_BMX:        buyable ending script
treminaor:        hintstring fix
liamsa669:        menu tutorial
Jake:            coop testing

Asset Attributions
=16pxThe following are licensed under Creative Commons By 4.0, are from SketchFab, and have been modified for use within the WaW engine:
“Bone (Game Ready / PBR)” by Meerschaum Digital
“Femur” by biol260
“Right Central Rib” by UNCG Imaging Lab
“Round Chain” by Jorge Luis Carrera
“Candle light” by al0sral0
“Church Pew” by CommonSpence
“Dusty Piano” by Vincent074
“Indoor Plant 1” by Konstantin Martens
“Bible” by Jeff Kratzer (G1ngerBoy)
“Open Bible” by VHM777
Other attributions:
Concrete texture photo created by –
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