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Hi everyone! I’m posting an old map that I’ve made about 2 years ago during the pandemic to avoid the boring, is a pretty basic map, it’s based on my high school when I’ve missing it.
I added bam Bo1 perks, double PaP to the special weapons, I’ve also added some custom power ups.
This maps is pretty old while I was unnexperienced about modding or coding, it have some issues, so this map have some minor issues.
Known issues:
– The monkey bombs doesn’t work well in this map
– If you run while you’re knocking down the map would crash
– In the upper levels of the large building the zombie’s AI doesn’t work propperly
– Some areas are pretty empty
– Some text written in english on the map are poorly written
*Disclaimer* The map is pretty hard

Credits for the people that made the mods I’ve used
– @jei9363 he post the Bam_bo1 perks, the wunderfizz script, vulture aid and electric cherry
– @espi_thekiller he post the knee slide script
– @DidUknowiPwn he post the random perk power up

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