Lost Rooms

Lost Rooms
By: Klaudeh

THIS MAP REQUIRES T4M TO PLAY. If you don't already have T4M download it below.

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This time i bring you a special map for me, this is inspired by my friend first try at making a custom map on waw, you see, back when i was doing my first map the plan was to start making maps with my friend a couple years ago, sadly he got a lot of problems with his pc and when he tried the mod tools really didn’t like doing maps. The good part was that because of him i started making maps until today, i started almost 2 years ago and still making plans for new maps! So this is a homenage to my friend try at making a map and also a new try at implementing new things for maps in the future (like fx’s, simple gsc scripting, etc).

The layout of the map is simple, just a starting room and 4 door with barriers for the zombies to go, i try to expand on this concept of my friend first map and change 2 of the barriers for something different also a lot of decoration (model spam) added to most of the rooms, new vision file and a try of good visuals for the map to give it a nice looking ambience.

Also from the starting zone i added a hallway and a outdoor zone base on my friend favorite “backroom floor”, an idea that we loved to add for a custom map so i added in here why not. Is a small map and a easy one so is more of a chill to play map once you get to the outside area, just need to grind for the buyable ending and that is. I hope you like the map and im waiting for your feedback if you have any suggestion for the map

This map features:

– Custom Weapons from BO1, BO2, MW3 and BO3. – Bo1, Bo2 and Bo3 Perks – BO2 Nuke – 3 hits system – Mob of the Dead Zombies – Bo3 HUD (kinda) – Hug Fix and Bo1 knife – Buyable ending – Custom Camo – Hitmarkers – Added recoil and balance to weapon movement – Shootable Easter Egg – Brutus from MOTD – Mini Easter Egg – 2 Custom Songs – 1 soulbox – Rotating Doors – Colored zombie counter


– Shippuden1592¬†(Brutus Scripts and Models, some weapons from Bo3 and Bo1, BO2 Nuke) – Ricko0z¬†(Bo3 Weapons, Bo2 Weapons, Bo1 Weapons and Mw3/2 Weapons) – Gympie6¬†(Perks of Bo1, Bo2 and Bo3) – TaXi¬†(3 hits system) – ThunderFrosty¬†(Customizable Bo2 HUD, Diferent tutorials, Script References) – Steviewonder87¬†(Zombie Hug fix and bo1 knife) – SajeOne¬†(Buyable Ending) – Tim / M0xf / GeekComm¬†(Custom box from bo3, Bo3 power up models and teddy) – BaD BoY 17 Aka “Tim Smith”¬†(Some bo3 weapons) – PROxFTW / MZslayer11¬†(Hitmarkers) – WhiteDevilHD¬†(Colored zombie counter) – Arceus¬†(Better Recoil and movement) – DuaLVII¬†(Rotating doors) – UGX¬†(For the best forum for custom zombies and the Scripting Reference) – MakeCents¬†(Scripting Basics, Script reference for some fixes) – 0taku¬†(Bo3 HUD textures) – Cajz¬†<3¬†(Coop Testing) – Teddyrific¬†(Preview Gameplay of The Map and new ideas)

Let me know if i leave someone out, there’s a lot of people that upload assets or help me with the map so, just leave me a message;)

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