Doom Tower v1.0

Doom Tower
Version: 1.2 By: Kielrgz

THIS MAP REQUIRES T4M TO PLAY. If you don't already have T4M download it below.

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To avoid errors with g_spawn, I advise putting “Numbers of bodies: Low” in the options

Hello!! I haven’t brought a custom in months and well I wanted to bring a quick custom that I made in 5 days. The map, like any of my customs, has some bugs that do not affect the playability but I will clarify them below so you know what they are. Another thing is that if I see support in the sense that I see that there are people who play it, I will probably make more maps, but this time I don’t think I will continue with the towers, but I will focus on normal maps. I learned to add effects and things that I like and well I want to implement it in some good custom map. I also apologize for some bugs, it is a bit difficult for me to put the scripts in sometimes and luckily I have friends in the community who help me when I make a mistake about something. hahaha I’ve been doing this for years but sometimes it’s a little hard. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it and I will be leaving information about what the map includes as well. greetings!!


The bugs that you can find on the map will be how you see turning on the power and when you point to the “perks” drinks it appears that they need to activate the power. Even so, they will be able to drink the drink “If they activated the power, of course” that bug, I don’t know why it is there, but it usually happens to me a lot on some of my maps. Other bugs could be that the textures sometimes do not load well on the map, that is, when you start the maps the zombies will appear white, that is, with white textures, this is solved by restarting the map from the main menu when you start the mod in waw, as if If you were to play again, well, like that. Other bugs that are quite annoying in my personal opinion are, for example, that when you want to start on the map you get some errors before starting and you have to press play until it stops. I usually don’t know why it happens, some told me that it is due to the use of T4M so I don’t know. but the map clarified that it starts sooner or later if or after about 3 or 4 attempts and if you are lucky on the first try. and last but not so important is that sometimes if you hit the drinks or camp from there the zombies will go first where you camped in the drink and dsp will come for you, “sometimes it usually happens not always” but I advise not to do it because the zombies will They will decide yes or yes since not everyone will have that behavior. Beyond that, the rest works well. Surely there are one or another bug but it does not affect the playability or the goal of the map, which is to reach the final. If you read this, I thank you! I also appreciate constructive criticism!

When you appear on the map, you will appear with the Colt but you will have the Kendall as your second weapon. I wanted to make it main but I don’t know what happened and I couldn’t. There is also a bug that when the map starts, it starts with rounds, I recommend restarting it until the timer goes down. That means that the map will now be as it should, I apologize for so many errors! I haven’t made maps in a while.

BLACK OPS PERKSPurchasable FinalInfinite Warfare Weapons , BO2 Weapons


2 Bosses

Soul Boxes


Ugx Mods

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