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By: Klaudeh

Hi! like the title says this is another nuketown map, but in minecraft. I always wanted to do a minecraft map with good quality so i started to work with this one from half a year now, it have the new versions textures, custom viewhands, custom brutus skins, and alot more with minecraft theme in it. It’s a simple map with a little easter egg to build the nether portal and pay the end, so i hope you enjoy the map.

This isn’t a hard map it’s more of a survival map with a short mission to do.

This map it’s a recreation of a never released map for minecraft which i only have pictures and a video, so i tried to recreate it block by block by just seeing the low res and weird perspective of the videos and pictures that i have. I’ll link the original creator video so you can see how the original map looks like compared to this one.¬†:D

This map features:

– Custom Weapons from BO2
– Bo1, Bo2 and Bo3 Perks
– BO2 Nuke
– 3 hits system
– Minecraft Zombies
– Bo3 HUD (kinda)
– Hug Fix and Bo1 knife
– Buyable ending
– Custom Camo
– Hitmarkers
– Added recoil and balance to weapon movement
– Shootable Easter Egg
– Brutus from MOTD (Pillager boss)
– Mini Easter Egg
– 4 Custom Songs
– Rotating Doors
– Colored zombie counter
– Minecraft theme round change sfx
– Custom Perks Bottle


РShippuden1592 (Brutus Scripts and Models, some weapons from Bo2, BO2 Nuke, Shrinkray Gun/Scripts)
РRicko0z (Bo2 Weapons)
РGympie6 (Perks of Bo1, Bo2 and Bo3)
РTaXi (3 hits system)
РThunderFrosty (Customizable Bo2 HUD, Diferent tutorials, Script References, Custom Menu Files)
РSteviewonder87 (Zombie Hug fix and bo1 knife)
РSajeOne (Buyable Ending)
РTim / M0xf / GeekComm (Custom box from bo3, Bo3 power up models and teddy)
РPROxFTW / MZslayer11 (Hitmarkers)
РWhiteDevilHD (Colored zombie counter)
РArceus (Better Recoil and movement)
РDuaLVII (Rotating doors)
РUGX (For the best forum for custom zombies and the Scripting Reference)
РMakeCents (Scripting Basics, Script reference for some fixes)
Р0taku (Bo3 HUD textures)
РEzequiel <3 (Coop Testing)
РFranconbo <3 (Map tester)
РTeddyrific (Preview Gameplay of The Map and new ideas)

Let me know if i leave someone out, there’s a lot of people that upload assets or help me with the map so, just leave me a message;)

Check out other maps that i made! :

If you find any bugs pls let me know by a reply!
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