Sky Arena

THIS MAP REQUIRES T4M TO PLAY. If you don't already have T4M download it below.

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Sky Arena
Version: 1.5.4 By: Lava_Wills

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Hi everyone, l’m a scripter and a while ago l posted the bosses and wonder weapons packs l put together, but no one use them.
So I thought why not make a map to show them? This is the map l spent a lot of time making.

lt’s an octagon-like map but with completely different terrain, which took me a lot of time because l did all scripting and radiant work by myself(of course, tis would not be possible without the help of many people)

It’s a hard map but not impossible, Testers and I played through Nightmare Difficulty in Time Mode

– Remember to buy armor, it will make your game easier
– goliath will strengthen the surrounding zombies when smash, don’t let them survive all the time
– ADS fire gain more points
– Deadshot give extra points when you do headshot kill
– Zombies within 500 range of Brutus are immune to the effects of the wonder Weapon. You can end this protection by knocking Brutus’s hat off
– phd can reduce boss damage you take

– Custom Weapons from BO1、BO2、BO3、MW3、Ghost、IW(127 weapon files !)
– Harrybo21 perks (all bugs fixed.—-maybe;) )
– numan custom powerups
– 7 types of bosses (every boss is dangerous)
– 16 types of wonder-weapons(they damage bosses instead of killing them directly)
– adolf hitler(a special zombie)
– 2 types of Special zombies(electric and fire)
– tranzit_sprinter
– mortar strike(air raid)
– armor system(You can buy armor by holding melee button for a while(require 3000 points). When the armor durability is greater than 0, you gain extra health.)
– super revive system(You can revive your friends by prone and holding use button for a while, require 2000 poits to revive one player and 4000 to respawn one player)
– weapon trade system and points trade system: You can give your friends 1000 points by looking at them and holding use button for a while. When the progress bar is not full, give him1000 points. When the progress bar is full, you will exchange weapons(To exchange weapons, both parties need to press use botton).
– custom pap box
– boss fight
– timed game play (optional)
– 3 difficulty
– cluster grenade
– buyable ending(The more players, the higher the cost)
– Firendly fire

FirstBlood(script help)
shippuden(Most of the resources)
gympie6(2 types of special zombies, many other help)
harrybo21(raygunMK2, perks)
IQ_Geek(gsc scripts, super revive system, bo3 nuke, points trade system)
Klaudeh(tranzit_sprinter, and many help)
Thunderfrost(armor system, cluster grenade)
Fancygamer1738(weapontrade system)
DidUknowiPwn(MOTD HUD)
BluntStuffy(mortar strike)
SpyroScope(pap box)
KhelMho(character model)
zhazha(Coop Testing)
bobo(Coop Testing)
mason(Coop Testing)

If I forgot to give credit to someone, please contact me!

I have gone through a lot of testing and proven that this map is stable and reliable. If you encounter any bugs, please leave me a message

the bosses and wonder weapons i used in this map were posted, you can use them in your maps too!

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