Killhouse (First To 100k)

Killhouse (First To 100k)
By: Phil81334

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Community: Phils-Hub Description: This is a fast-paced / time-based challenge map. No Rounds! The “First one to hit 100k wins!”. How long can you survive? Development Details: A total of 10 days to develop with 90% involving scripting and 10% mapping. I’m not happy that development exceeded 5 days 😀

Available now on Plutonium! Note: When map is played on Pluto, players who die, will respawn after a 1 minute delay (i coded it this way). However, this doesnt apply when played on Steam, instead its an instant respawn. P.s; [ 26-03-2024 @ 11:21 ] I am done developing this map for the time being. I may in the coming weeks/months come back to it and add more cool/fun things! Enjoy 🙂

Peeps: Stepbro NAKSHATRA_12 John_Banana
Mods: PROxFTW MZslayer11 Hitmarkers
Numan Numan’s Powerup Pack 1.09
Gympie6 Black Ops Perks, Zombie Boss: Fire Zombie, Zombie Boss: Electricity zombie Zombie Boss: UberCommando Zombie
BluntStuffy Custom Ammo: Flame / Shock and Explosive [Tutorial] Lights controlled by triggers,

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