By: cpt_johnson1

Please note:
    If you have t4m installed, I recommend temporarily removing it before playing this level. This is because t4m doesn’t allow you to view the objectives while pressing “tab” in solo.

Credits/special thanks to:

Quizz – providing geometry for the first elevator, and giving lots of scripting help

Izartax – providing textures for the orange and red trees

Zeroy – giving me scripts and map entities to use as reference

SexySeaTurtle – ai scripts

Beta testers:





Baltic Keep

Baltic Keep
By: cpt_johnson1

Baltic Keep
Fight your way through an old medieval castle!
Please turn up music in game settings for the full experience
Single player only
Please note that this level is short, but still fun
SexySeaTurtle – massive help with ai and overall support. I couldn’t have made this map without him!
Spi – learning from his tutorials
IwMiked – learning from his tutorials
Vertasea – some compiling and probing help
Gympie6 – testing
smasher248 – helping me create this topic




By: mini0013xx

The setting is Operation Downfall, invasion of Japan in 1946. This operation never happened, but was planned, and was thus the inspiration for this map! You fight from one end of a beach to the other, move through a flooded area with low visibility, assault and flank a bunker, push through a city and fight on some rather oddly mishapen docks. There are also planes and stuff flying through the air so that’s fun.

There are 3 easter eggs in this map. Two are soldier names and one is especially secret. If you all can find them, by all means let me know and I’ll give you props for exploring.

I would like to thank all who helped me out with my various ridiculous questions throughout the map making process, as I have visited and revisited here for many months.

Source Files :





By: Daniel “Starkk” Gavrin

Now, this is a real treat for any Call of Duty World at War fan! Daniel “Starkk” Gavrin has released his new campaign map for CoD5, that allows you to play solo or co-op up to 4 other players (Recommended for 2 player co-op). The map has been reported to have a black screen bug causing the map to be unplayable, players experiencing this problem should expect a map update fixing it when possible.

1. NightRaid (v1.0)

Map Created by Daniel “Starkk” Gavrin (Email: [email protected])

Release Date: September 3rd, 09
Details: Play as a member of a squad heading to capture a Japanese artillery position deep in the jungles of the Phillipean Islands.

Game : Call of Duty : World at War
Game Version : 1.5

Supported Gametype : Singleplayer, Co-op (plays best with 2)

Map Size : 1 – Single Player : 4 – Co-op

Installation Instructions:
(XP) – Documents and Settings/USERNAME/Local
Settings/Application Data/Activision/CoDWaW/mods

(Vista) – USERNAME /AppData/Local

*Note: If you do not see the mods folder in the WaW folder,
make one.

-How to Play-
After properly installing the files
1)Launch up Call of Duty: World At War Singleplayer.
2)Go to the Mods menu and select ‘NightRaid’.
a.If you do not see it, you did not properly place the files
in their respectively directories or are not patched to the
latest version.
3)Press ~ to bring down console.
a.If nothing happens pressing ~, go to Options > Game
Options and click ‘Enable Console’.
4)Type /map nightraid

Construction Time : 5 months

Known Bugs : –A few effects in coop do not show up

Special Thanks :
Alex “Sparks” Romo, Wizzard Of Ozz, MASTER, eXsolved,
CoDEmanX, AintNoMeInTeam, Allan, Scorps, BoltShot,
Tubby, [HOG]Rampage, Tuby, Jeannot, CodNerd, h0ly

Call of Duty Clan Extreme Soldiers –

Treyarch and Activision

Additional Notes :
Because of a few known issues with this map in coop I
recommend that everyone first play this map in singleplayer
to have the full experience then play with your buddies in

This map has been in development since mid april. It has been
my first real attempt to make a singleplayer map that in my
opinion was worthy for public release. Through development I
learned so much about scripting and improved my mapping
skills. I would have not been able to finish this if it were
not for the help and support from many members from the Call
of Duty Community.




By: Sgt.Maj Tyger

1. Dawnville

Map Created by Sgt.Maj Tyger

Details: This is a remake of Dawnville from Call of Duty.
I hope I got it as close as it was in the original game.

~~~~~Install Instructions:~~~~
Must enable showing hidden folders for this to work.
Install for XP:
extract folder to C:\Documents and Settings\YourName\Local Settings\Application Data\Activision\CoDWaW\mods

To Play:
Start game in single Player or Co-Op
Launch cod mod

After mod launches:

Bring down console ( ` <– Thing next to 1)
/map dawn
press enter
map should load

This map can play in co-op as well as single player( I hope ).
Sorry the ending is so final.



Omaha Beach

Omaha Beach
By: Alex ‘SparkyMcSparks’ Romo

1. Omaha Beach

Map Created by Alex ‘SparkyMcSparks’ Romo (Email: [email protected])

Details: Experience June 6, 1944 on the Normandy Coast as D-Day invasion begins.
Note About It Being Short: It’s supposed to be a short little expierence and doesn’t have the typical CoD gun gameplay like in stock missions. My next (Coop) map will have all that. 🙂
Note About The Ending: It’s unwinnable, it lasts however long you manage to defend the Americans off in front. – Alex ‘SparkyMcSparks’ Romo

Game: Call of Duty: World At War
Supported Languages: English, German, French, Spanish
Supported Version: 1.4+
Supported Gametype: Singleplayer
Map Size: 1 : Single Player

Installation Instructions:

Once the files are properly placed…
1) Launch up Call of Duty: World At War Singleplayer.
2) Go to the Mods menu and select ‘Omaha Beach’.
a. If you do not see it, you did not properly place the files in their respectively directories or are not patched to the latest version.
3) Press ~ to bring down console.
a. If nothing happens pressing ~, go to Options > Game Options and click ‘Enable Console’.
4) Type /map omahabeach
5) Enjoy!

contains all the source files I made for this map. Be aware, I included a modified Garand SP xmodel file with the LoD edited since it was disappearing on drone soldiers that were far away from bunker vantage point, and modified some utility files.
*Note: If you just want to play the map, don’t worry about this file/zip.



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