Comatose (unfinished)

Comatose (unfinished)
By: Quizz

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Comatose was one of the first maps I started back in 2012. It was close to completion, only needing some polish, bug fixes, and the ending. Atmospheric, this map had a definite unique feel specific to Comatose. Meant to be the first of a 2 part map which would lead the player to Thule, Greenland in the second half.

Of all my unfinished levels this one is probably the most complete, yet still rough around the edges. Give it a shot and I hope you enjoy it! 


Status: Unfinished
Date:  2012

Ending: No

Map Size: Medium

Map Type: Survival

Console Command: “map nazi_zombie_comatose”



  • Difficult and claustrophobic map layout

  • Custom weapons included from other CODs

  • Use the Bundler to put attachments on your gun

  • Weapons must be bundled before you can pap it

  • Hidden songs

  • Find the Mini PAP machines to upgrade weapons



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