Illuminati Island

Illuminati Island
By: Chunkdogg9

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This map features UGX Mod v1.0.3!

Story to the map

“It was that time of the year where all the elite came to an island in the Bermuda Triangle area.
They were discussing an isusse about element 115 they were all having with it 
But on this day there scientist were experimenting with it on 
test subjects and something went horribly wrong.
The blood thirsty zombies were born and broke out 
The Illuminati were evacuated from the island.
Your left in the storage room, Its up to you to defend yourself’s
for as long as possible until you get the boat built to get off the island!”

Well this map has taken me a far few couple of months so here is the map hope you all enjoy

Thanks to:

SajeOne (Easter Egg, Testing and help out with thing)
The UGX Team for the mod


– UGX Mod
– Buildable Ending



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